4 Places in Mumbai a Foodie Should not Miss, (aka, what a foodie thinks about Bombay Velvet)

We headed to Jabalpur a week or two ago to visit Ajay’s parents. It was awesome to meet family but the travel was beyond exhausting. A good thing happened on this trip- I decided to torture myself less. No more 8 hours in a non ac barely moving bus in 40C, it is a pivotal moment in our travels. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Another thing that happened around the same time was I wrote a post for someone on a completely unexpected topic. I got a post out of it for myself too, and I love it.

Never thought there'll be a Movie poster on my site

 I don't think there is any food or related talk in the movie. But the foodie in me got thinking instantly, are there places which were serving people in Bomaby Velvet times?I still have to visit the places below but I guess next time I am in Mumbai I will be eating a lot.

You know Bombay Velvet, right? The movie is based in 1960s and it takes you back to the time when Mumbai was still Bombay and parts of Mumbai did not exists. Seriously there are areas which were ocean back then. I thought how cool it would be to know about places form the era which are still selling us hungry people food. So here are five places that should be on your list if you are out to eat in Mumbai.

The Parsi and Irani Café

Cakes in an Irani Cafe in Mumbai, found the image here

These cafes were all the rage in 1960’s with their chicken pulav, crème caramel and chai. I am still trying to understand the difference between the two, most use the titles interchangeably. (Let me know if you about the difference)
They are on the most prominent locations and are a trip back to the old times. Quirky notices, beautiful artwork and a tradition of generations welcomes you as you sit down to have your cup of tea maybe along with a bun maska(definitely what I am getting) or keema pav.
Some of the famous joints to visit are Britannia & Co Restaurant and Cafe Koolar &Company.
If one of you meat eating foodie wants to join in let us know we’ll ring you up when we land in the city.

Udupi restaurants

I love idli eat one of my preferred breakfast choice. This beautiful pic was from here.

Can you believe that most North Indians had no clue what Dosa or idli was, way back in 1960s. But Bombay was enjoying the goodies; they were eating in udupi restaurants in droves. I love udupi food and these are definitely on my go-to places list. The fact that I can eat most of the food is also a plus. Ram Nayak & Sons Udupi is one of the oldest and best places to get your fill of steaming idlis and some traditional south Indian food. You know where I’ll be eating breakfast.

Vada pav

Another one of my favorites! This beautiful pic was from here.

A place selling vada pav the staple Mumbai breakfast for last 70+ years has to be good, and it is. Not only is the place good you will probably set foot in Mumbai right opposite to it. The place called Aaram Milk Bar is famous for its huge vadas served with onions. I am really sad I did not know about it when we landed in Mumbai and were strolling in the fort area. This is what happened when you show up without research.


Icecream anyone, image Courtesy thatfoodiechic

I am not the one who would go crazy for sweets but of its ice-cream that’s a different story. And to my rescue comes in Rustam,a ice-cream shop which has been cooling people off since ages. They have a lot of flavours which means We’ll be occupied for some time.

Is there another place we should know of and try when we visit Mumbai?