Best place to eat in Khajuraho

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Another big news is that Ajay is now going to be here a lot, we had distributed roles which left me to be the writer and promoter and Ajay did the photography and back end part. we are slowly moving to a situation where we both share and engage those of you who have been on our Facebook page would have noticed Ajay lurking around much more. Oh and another news we crossed 1100 likes on Facebook this Sunday thanks to a promotion we did this past week. The reason why I am excited about it is because a considerable amount of those are organic actually more than 30% are. We are also partnering with some exciting people and if you had seen our FB page you would know we are getting a lot of new stuff for you.

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That's all for updates today let's now talk about one of our favorite encounters on the road.

We have been called foolish and I would have agreed with those people on the day we were walking in Khajuraho from Western group of temples to the railway station. This was not our first visit to the temples of life, and last time we had left no corner unseen so this time all we wanted to do was relive Khajuraho's most famous temples.

After a walk in the complex and eating our heart's content at Raja Cafe across the road we decided to walk the 8 km distance to the Railway station confident in our ability to walk and assured by the string of Hotels on the way. As we walked and sun beat down on us (it was October not fair) water and then beer was a thing we were looking for. Autos, shared vehicles, motorcyclists, four wheelers and even trucks looked at us in surprise. I remember a shared auto did around 2-3 round trips while we were walking and it is quite possible that he did a few more while we wasted our money at Ramada. (Do not expect a cold drink at Ramada Khajuraho, basically don't expect anything cold, AC doesn't work either)

Aloo Paratha and Chutney

With breaks along the road and exhausted we reached corner of the road where a few men were eating what looked like good food. Nothing more than a shack and run by an elderly couple it was definitely the best part of our day even better than the temples. we were served with aloo paratha and chutney, the same you see in the photograph above. Hot, crispy and soft it is still one of the best aloo paratha I have had. We were really happy, you know the kind of happy food makes you, yup that kind warm fuzzy and really intrigued by the dhaniya tamatar ki chutney (cilantro and tomato) which was quite different from what we are used to.

As we packed up and paid uncle, aunty his wife came out of the shack where she had been cooking and asked us why we did not take curd. We thought they might not have it and none of us wanted to be bothersome. As we talked to them they took us in like their own children for those few minutes we were there.

The shack was earlier run by their son, Mijaji whom they lost some time ago. Aunty nearly cried as she talked to Ajay calling him like her son. 

I have thought about them a lot since then, whether their shack dhaba is still running or not. I hope it is, over months I have forgotten the address but it is on the road we walked and if I remember correctly it is near the river crossing.
Our Route

In case you do visit them let them know a couple still talks about their parathas and them.

Have you ever had story and food from a completely unexpected place stick to you?

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