Andaman Ferry Ride in Photos

Andaman had been on our wish list for long, I mean really long. Not long ago it was a difficult and expensive place to get to, it still is but when you club awesome free travel strategies you can get by with lesser hit on your pocket. We put all our might behind this one or else the flights which cost us 12K would have definitely exceeded 20K, that would have put a big strain on the entire trip. We managed to get a diving day too and it was epic much better visibility than our last outing at Goa.

We were having a particularly frustrating day but all became good when we boarded the ferry to Long Island. I can go on and on about how awesome the ferry ride was but it is much easier to show in pictures as you will see below. We are not trained photographers and can slip a bit here and there but when your subject is beyond beautiful you can't fail.

This is the Yerrata jetty some Km form the better known Rangat jetty from where you can take a ferry to bigger cities and towns. Ferry timings are a bit weird and getting tickets can be a problem. This jetty is surrounded by mangroves like most of Andamans, and they are beautiful.

As the ferry moved on we were met with probably one of the most beautiful sights ever. Green islands with varying shades of green and clear sea, a perfect setting for a castaway movie.

There has been a huge debate forever about which one is better sunrise or sunset. I prefer sunsets because I rarely make it to sunrise. After beautiful sunsets we saw there was no doubt left.

If you have been thinking of going to Andaman, don't think just go, it is far more beautiful than they say.

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  1. Beautiful snapshots. Went there when I was a kid, amazing place :)

  2. Yup it is... I could have stayed there for months just looking around :D

  3. Beautiful shots, truly mesmerizing.

  4. @Rajesh have you been to Andamans?