Travelling to Andamans- Here are images to keep you happy

Travel has been keeping me busy along with all the other projects I have taken up. I have had almost no creative juice left after writing huge amounts of content for my other blog and rewriting the Work Travel Live book.Well I have just started rewriting the book. I am taking a break for 10 days and going travelling. I know I should probably take you along and post updates but nah! that's a bit too much for where I am at these days. We are not sure if we are taking the laptop even.

So in purely shameless fashion I am leaving you with these images from awesome people over at Unsplash and a great blog to read while I saunter around the white sandy beaches of Andamans.

The blog is The Art of Non Conformity. In case you have not read it head over and read this awesome blog. Ans all my dreamer followers go ahead and have a look at Mixergy. Even if you do not dream of becoming an entrepreneur it will light a fire.

We are back on 7th October so see you around.

An now the Images

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