Beach Trip- Andaman Travel plans

Did I tell you about the Andaman trip in September end. This year has been AWESOME with all the trips we have been able to do and enjoy. We set up a budget target for our travels when the year started and we have exceeded it maybe spent almost double already. Anyways we are going to another beach and this time unlike Diu I am hoping to get some swimming and snorkeling done. SCUBA is right now looking very out of our pockets and so is the surfing trip I had wanted to go on later in the year.

Right now I am breaking my head about what to take along and what to omit. One of my bigger concerns is my weight and getting a swim suit. I am looking at few and I am honestly unable to decide which ones to buy.

Apart from the clothes it is my desire to carry a small barbecue to the island, not just to have great food but also to save ourselves some money. The trip looks like it is going to be another expensive one and I am not really sure where I am going to dish out the money from. so I am working hard on my freelancing.

The reason why the trip is threatening to empty our pockets is because of the obnoxiously expensive accommodation (affiliate). The only reasonable accommodation I am able to find comes with scuba diving and that will decimate my resources. I feel like I should go and start my own home stay in Havelock and have a huge hall where people can bring in their sleeping gear and rest for the night. Let me know what you think about that. Anyways a sleeping bag is definitely not one of my desired items to pack. It is just too bulky and with the standing seats on the ferries which we will probably take it doesn't sound practical either.

Our itinerary for the ten day trip includes Havelock, Diglipur and Little Andaman. As of now I don't think we will be in Port Blair for long though cellular Jail is definitely one of the things I am interested in.

If you have been to Andamans and have a few tips to share or if you can direct us to a place you think will suit us. Our criteria clean and CHEAP like the guest house in Diu.

Photo on the top is from awesome people at Death to the Stock Photo.

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