Travel Inspiration 19- Find Your Solace Point

Travel can have many reasons behind it. You can travel for business or leisure, you might be running from something or to something you might be looking for company or you are looking for solace.
Many talk about how travel helps you find yourself, it is true. By challenging your ideas and limits you discover how much more you have to offer to the world and how much more the world has to offer you.
If you disregard the idea that a particular place can help you find the peace within you are missing something. No doubt peace is to be found within you but it is also something that a place can induce in you. Have you visited Mughal monuments without all the rush or sat down at the Taj you would have felt it. Don't rush through your travels and experience. this does not mean that you have to travel slow you just have to travel unhurried.

When was the last time you felt peace while travelling?

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