Travel Inspiration 15- The unexpected meeting

This was taken at Sundarbans though the monkey looks calm it is only because it is busy with food. They are perhaps the animals we have met most apart from humans. The most surprising meeting was at the Keola Deo National Park where a group of monkey roamed around free and were scared of us on our rickshaw.
The reason for monkeys acting docile is that visitors are not allowed to hand them any food or other article. If only people would heed this advice everywhere.
This might not seem a fitting inspiration for many but remember travel is not about isolation, nature and its various members should be a part of your travels too.
Also I wanted to say... don't hand out food to animals in wild you are not doing much good that way.

PS: We got our prizes for winnign the GoUNESCO challenge and they are epic more about that in the next post.

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