Travel Inspiration 14- Small things and happiness

This was in the train to Hatton from Kandy. I have traveled a lot in train this past year but I am really scared to hang from the door the way Aj is doing in the picture. He loves it, so he asked me to pose and me being the stickler for rules and damn scared just spread my hand. I was definitely not standing on one leg. He on the other hand was really keen so I clicked this picture and you can see how happy he is.
We all have these small things we have always wanted to do but we don't. May be because we don't realize that we want it or because we are busy thinking what others will think. When you are away you can relax because they are all strangers and you are yourself. It can be therapeutic and will make you really happy. Try it sometime soon better yet go travelling and discover what small things you like.

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  1. Such a nice picture depicting the joy of travel!