Hungary Photography Law. What if it was there last year in India?

Hungary made a new law. They must be doing it every other day but this one is really special. It bars anyone from clicking a stranger without asking for permission. As The Guardian puts it

From 15 March anyone taking photographs in Hungary is technically breaking the law if someone wanders into shot, under a new civil code that outlaws taking pictures without the permission of everyone in the photograph. According to the justice ministry, people taking pictures should look out for those who are are aware they are about to be photographed and are not waving in protest, nor trying to hide or run out of shot.
This got me thinking what if this had been a law everywhere ever since? We would never have had the image of a sailor kissing a nurse. The spontaneous rush of emotions would have looked stage and I doubt anyone of them would have even replied to the photographer before their kiss was over.
Thinking a bit about it I decided to make today's stories from the road post about what if this rule was in place last year in India.

Exhibit 1

Our Kolkata Walk

We had a lot of time on our hands when we got off in Kolkata. We had arrived a day earlier giving Gaya a miss (I am still sad about that). Trying to save some money we decided to walk. It is no doubt the best way to see a place-walking about early morning. We came across a lot of things and a lot of people some we clicked others we could not. Here are some of the people we did not ask permission from, bad of us I guess but in most cases it would have been rude.

Did not feel like waking this guy up

This man was busy reading his papers-rude to disturb

This one was lost in his thoughts

This elderly man knew I was clicking the cart behind him and he walked in to cross the road. (semi-permission I guess)

Was this the best thing to do. It felt right when we clicked these pictures. These do tell the story for us. These tell our readers how people spend their mornings in Kolkata. More importantly we did ask permission before we clicked some pictures like this smiling taxi driver.

Exhibit 2

Pattadakal Trip

This trip was one of our early trips and I am sue you have read about the trip. We clicked a few photographs and you bet people were in there.

These Females are a big part of our journey. They were cramped with us in the tempo which would take us back to Badami. Did I ask? Nope, but I tried o take avoid their faces though.

These men were sitting outside a Desi daaru ki dukaan. It was my first time to see local liquor on display. I wan not going to miss it. (Apologies for blurred photograph)

And I could not help but be amazed by all the piercings that this lady had. So I clicked. (Again apologies for blurred photograph)

Hopefully this lady did not have any issues.

I hope you understand the risks I have taken in the past year. Had I been in Hungary this year I might have been sued!

What is your take on the law and what is the pic you would have missed had you not clicked it?

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