Travel to get closer? Two Trips planned (I am really hopeful about the 1st)

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It is rare that we realize how lucky we are. I do not say this in terms of physical capabilities or severe circumstances. In the most regular of ways simply spending time with your spouse or loved one can make you feel lucky. While looking around Indiblogger for inspiration for another post (they have a really cool indispire thing going on)I found British Airways contest.
Contest is cool prizes are super cool. The contest terms say that you should embed the video below in your posts. Any external media on my blog is something I don't identify with, so naturally I checked this one out. Long story short it ended with my eyes moist. This becomes the first ever video to go up on Longing Travel.
 It is wrong to demand from anyone that they do not give special attention to their significant other. If you ask that of someone stop, they are supposed to be special for each other.

We live in a joint Indian family and everyone in the family divides time between four other members who live in the house apart from himself or herself. After all the commitments we make time for ourselves and each other. I guess it comes down to what you put first and what you demand of others. It is wrong to demand from anyone that they do not give special attention to their significant other. If you ask that of someone stop, they are supposed to be special for each other. Thankfully people at home understand that.

Traveling Alone- NO

You'd remember I wrote this post about how I can't travel alone anymore. That has become our reality. Solo travel might be enlightening as many say but I feel when you can be yourself, allow yourself to fail in front of another you will receive enlightenment indeed. There are many things that a solo female traveler learns on the journey, I am sometimes happy I do not have to face many difficulties that these awesome women do simply because AJ is there. I am envious of the freedom they enjoy, but being happily married comes with a different kind of satisfaction.
Every trip we take teaches me a lot about my self and much more about us. Its great how we change that small bit after each trip.
There are many trips that we plan, dream about and many more we still have to discover. Right from trekking through Turkey to backpacking through Europe. We make plans and play our own roles in the travel dynamics. I being the impulsive one get excited about everything. Aj being the calm person he is reasons the idea and we finally decide on what we will do.

Month of separation

The contest reminded me of the time when Ajay had to travel to Malaysia two weeks for work.  Those weeks were long and then it dropped on us he had to be there for additional two. Same happened when I had to visit Malaysia for work. Each one of these times we wanted to get to the other person and every time we dropped the plan. Flying off meant money and leaves and the other person would have to work nonetheless.

Travel an escape or means to get closer?

With work, side work and other engagements there are times when we do not get time to really talk with each other. Travel is one thing which brings us closer . We get to talk, eat, sing and do whatever else we feel like the entire day- together. In our regular lives we spend our days together but we are working.We usually plan to travel for months at a time but it does not look like a near possibility. The thought excites us both because it is something that we have never done or seen anyone near to us do. It would be cool to just travel and stop when you please. This I guess will be the answer to the contest question. These are my top two long trips, backpacking as always.

Backpacking across India

Travelling in your own country helps a lot. You don't need a visa, currency remains the same and people try to scam you less. There are many more that can be added and when you live in India you have a baffling and new experience every time you go to the market. There's just too much to do, see and live (eat) all around the country that you feel time running short. You can have a look at my dream route below. Details of the trip should be coming soon though I have no dates for the trip itself.

Backpacking across Europe

This is something that almost every one who likes to travel wants to do. Though you can only spend three months in the Schengen zone every six months I think that should be enough to visit two countries at least. What do your experiences suggest? Did I tell you that the prize is two return fares for London I have my fingers crossed as always.

Which one of these do you suggest we take up. And to put the same question to you.
How far would you go to get closer to someone you love?
Tell us in your comments below.

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