Getting back to work after Travel

Being back form a trip is never good for me. People who are excited to go back have always confused me. I would probably never get to the home loving spot they are at. Home is a place to be but it doesn't come alone. For me it means back to commute, office pressing jobs and highly intelligent people all at once.

We usually try to maximize our travel time so we leave for our destination straight from office and more often than not come back directly to office. This time after barely any sleep we landed in office around 12 noon straight from airport. The day was a disaster. We both had a huge pile of work to deal with and lack of sleep doesn't go away no matter how many coffee you had in the lounge.
Highly caffeinated (if that's the word) I managed to get through the day and crashed as soon as I found my bed after dinner.

More work awaited next day and it was time to get back to side jobs in the evening. Being good at your work makes sure that you get work and as soon as we informed clients we were back we had orders. I have been playing catch up for last few days and my tonsil (?) infection is back ever since we landed.
Things seem to be getting in order and I thought I would share some tips to keep your sanity when you come back to work. I did manage a few but I am looking for you all travel with job ninjas to help me with some more. These are basically what someone would suggest you for a regular hangover but these work great for travel hangover too.

Drink a a lot of water coffee or whatever you like just not alcohol

Water Bottle at a restaurant on our way to Tung

This actually works.  Being hydrated can keep your cortisol levels in control and stress low. If you can keep the sugary things away they give a big rush and soon follow up with a crash which we CAN'T take in our semi drowsy dreamy state.  Why not alcohol? First drinking and work don't really gel together, second alcohol dries you up.
You will be taking a lot of toilet breaks and any respite from those files or people for a few minutes is good.

Don't try to do too much

Most people when they get back from vacation feel that they have neglected work and are guilty about taking break. If you are one of them read this and then brush off the guilty feeling. You work to deserve the job and leaves. It is OK to take it easy once a while. You should not take your first day as the day to finish all the work. Take it easy too much will only burn you out. You will end up longing more for those beaches and forests. Taking it easy for a day or two will keep you from crashing and ease you back into work.


A passenger catching up on sleep in Indian train

With limited time on hands you might be rushing to see all that a place has to offer. Getting up early to climb a mountain or waiting in the airport for 3 am flight take a toll on you. It is better to not keep any appointment or meeting s on the day you are back. rest yourself well and sleep for as long as your body requires (within reason). A few good night sleeps can alter your outlook towards office and work.

These are my three proven techniques to get me back into working mode. Most of the times these succeed but this time has been tough send me a few of your tricks to combat trip hangover.

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