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At the rate indiblogger is going I will not have to think for what to write next. After the hair and travel it is another topic. We had been discussing it lately too. Both me and Aj want to go back to school for our masters at some point of time. And that point of time has to be before we have to cater to a little one. (No family member gets to comment of this post.) A few days ago we were building castles of going to Singapore and I was dreaming of visiting south east Asian countries. It is high time that we visit Bali or Thailand.
then this contest came up in Indiblogger. As British council says knowledge is great, my thought about Cambridge and AA came back to life. I know that it is too expensive for us to study in UK and equally if not more difficult for the other person to get a job. So I had nipped the thought in the bud. No strolling along the Thames or visiting the Scottish neighbors or maybe taking a break to Paris. Maybe it will happen when I have money to travel which doesn't feel anytime soon.
So they ask me what I want to study and where. I actually want to get a Masters degree in Transportation Planning. Sounds bore? That's what I do for a living and I actually like it. I still remember the first time I went for  a site visit. I felt I was changing the way a city moves and will move in future. I was changing the way we as travelers will perceive the city. I could make it easy to navigate or my oversight can result in nooks and crannies which might cause problems. (I am not THAT high up to cause big problems but yeah I will be some day.)
I have had an eye on this course at The Bartlett for years. The college in itself is a big part of my dreams.

Many do have the opportunities of spending a semester abroad and many catch the travel bug as they learn a new culture. None of us had the opportunity and poor me was studying in my home town. Studying abroad seems to be the right thing to do.

When we were discussing about going back to school my mind was going through these cycles of planning trips from wherever we would discuss. I have always felt that when you study abroad you are living a nomadic life. Most don't think that way, for me it is change. It is the change we crave as travelers and what we want to achieve. A change of landscape for a few years. Usually not too long to bore you with its opportunities but long enough that you itch for another change after that. Is it just me or is this the way the travel bug makes you?

Apart from school, job is another way of seeing the world. Being an expat doesn't just come with a hefty paycheck it comes with a paid opportunity to explore what you would have had to pay for. A long term stay at a place you would probably spend a week with working in your own city. There are many who would hop on a plane taking them to a different culture and pays them well.
What thirsty souls we travelers are.

So dear travelers how do you feel about going back to school? What do you want to study? To the long term travelers would you feel bound by the school? Do you think studying at a university abroad is like traveling that country?

Will keep you posted about the contest but I don't really have much hopes.

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