Kolkata and a Walk

Early morning walks are becoming a regular thing with us. You would remember the Mumbai walk, walk to Humayun's tomb and the treacherous Bhimbetka climb. It is not surprising we travel overnight so we reach early in the morning. Then we are cheap people so we try to save money and walking is one of the cheapest ways of getting around.
You would remember our year end trip plans. We were supposed to go to Gaya after a visit to Konark temple. With news of trains running late we decided to skip Gaya in favor of Sundarbans Tour we were to take next day. So we had a day extra in Kolkata, I still have mixed feelings about it. We missed Gaya but saw an awesome city.
Bus from Cuttak dropped us off at Babu Ghat. We looked around for a toilet, found one and used it. I would not recommend it to you and spare you the details. Beside the road was a hand pump and we brushed our teeth there. Now don't go all ewww... on me. That's ground water million times cleaner than anything I would have found around the toilet. No I have no pics till now because there are things you simply don't click and a full bladder is never a good photography asset.
Sufficiently awake it was time to sample our first tea of Bengal. I am in love with the way Bengalis make tea. There are a few exceptions but tea is always awesome. I am sure these awesome Kullads have something to do with it.(Yup I use awesome a bit too much)
Kolkata Tea

I had the camera so its Aj who you will find in photos like when he is drinking tea.
Kolkata Walk

Or him looking around.

As we decided on our route with his nexus we did notice that the 2G was working much better than it did in Hyderabad. This is what we walked finally, give or take a few 100 meters.

Kolkata Walk

Hyderabad had been uncharacteristically cold before we left but there was no fog in the morning. Kolkata welcomed us with fog and white smoke coming out of our mouths.

The faint tower you see is the mast light for Eden Garden Stadium. If anybody knows cricket they would know it is one of THE stadiums in India. All excited we walked ahead to the gates. Ajay was sure we could find a way to get in. but a police caning didn't seem so appetizing with the cold.

We were not alone or firs ones on the road. Crows were rocking morning in groups waiting for still majorly sleeping city to get up.

As we walked ahead wide and clean roads welcomed us.

Some distance ahead we had our first glimpse of Tram tracks. Trams are a thing in themselves and I recommend a trip if you are in the city.

These Taxis are an icon of the city and this one was standing for me to click.

He is one of the Taxi drivers who offered us a drive. People are so not used to see people walking and that too with the bag Ajay had on him.

A few more meters and the scene changed. The city went to its roots and colonial buildings dotted the streets.

The city grew old right in front of us. Roads became narrow, more people were on the roads busy in their own chores.

This was like  apiece of history came into today. I had heard that these hand pulled rickshaws had been banned. But here it was. It was the only mode of transport we didn't use in Kolkata I could not bear the thought of some poor soul pulling me around.

Would you like to share some of your moments with the city of joy? Stay tuned for the photo post of evening boat ride on the Hoogly river.

If you want to own any one of the above photograph feel free to contact me. I will send you the high resolution image for you to print and display.

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