Travelling for the self employed.

There are things that just happen and all your thoughts have to get around that and your other thoughts. Confusing I know, just the way it is confusing to decide how many leaves to take. Maybe leave the job and pursue your dreams. This has not been any more evident since I started Pculiar Designs and got work. Yes I still don't have a page up for that but I have a logo and would love your opinion on it.

As things get busy with extra work along with job travel is not always the first thing in my mind. For the first time I have to choose between staying home making money and traveling while spending it. Now I realize that it is not those of us who hold a job it is even those who own their jobs.

Usually we would be traveling in cities and have a place to dump stuff and stay in the night. This time it is none of them. We will start by visiting the sun temple of Konark then spend a day in mangrove forests of Sundarbans after a halt in Bodhgaya. Next in our journey is Darjeeling toy train, Manas wildlife sanctuary and Kaziranaga. All of this in a week leaves no nights in a warm bed. Its the sleeping  bags and train berths. This means no time to work and no internet. Being away for a week means loosing clients and orders.

Thankfully this trip has more than just us two and was planned way in advance. Nothing like the feeling of almost maybe winning the Gounesco challenge to push me to get out of the money wheel. (Let me clarify I haven't made much but grass is greener.)
Now that you know the motivation behind the post. It just seemed wrong to talk about people with stable jobs who get paid leaves. Those of us who are their own bosses face a bigger dilemma. This is what I have learnt in a small span of time and would request the seasoned travelers to add to it.

Make a plan and stick to it.

Now you have to worry about the next job and not the top bosses. This means every other day may be the day you land that big job. All of us know that this is the difficult part of the whole process. Make plans ahead of time so that you can work around those dates. If I had to make year end plans now I an sure it would have been a two day trip not the seven day east/north east trip we have now. Also had we not booked tickets for Srilanka we might not be going there in February. (More on these tickets coming soon)Now that you have plans you have to stick to it. 
We had a dentist appointment yesterday and I was really reluctant to go. It was my first appointment ever and prospects of having someone drill your teeth wasn't great. Though I survived it and came out rather well I would have skipped it if Aj would not have persuaded me to go. I had some work to complete and was being my lazy self. I completed work in dentist's office and had awesome dosa and masala chai on our way back (Sorry no pictures).
I realized that though it is easier to skip plans but you are happier when you go through them. Also it is better to have others as part of the plan (read the bold line above).

Realize that life is more than work

Though it is something we keep on hearing it doesn't really sink in. Uncertainty and rising prices don't let you get out of the race. I found this vending machine in Bulgaria a really cool thing. Bulgaria is climbing the charts on places to visit.
Nobody is going to give you beer if you take time out from work. Your family will thank you though. Travel is not just something us twenty somethings(I'll be 28 in feb) do. It is also time that a family takes out and spends together. We traveled rarely as a child but I still have fond memories of the time my dad would drive us from Alwar to Jaipur on a Kinetic Honda.The time you take now is something which will give everyone in the family something to look back upon.

Even if you travel solo or with friends its better done now. You want to be able to take down all that food and wine without too frequent bathroom breaks.
And to all those who are traveling after retirement or their children completing college you are my heroes. It takes a lot to leave a safe, warm and known place for the unknown. It also gets progressively difficult as we age (based on what I keep on hearing form parents and relatives). You realize that it is not just about being comfortable its about knowing as much as you can.

Get above all the suggestions and send me your own strategies.

I know I write long proses talking about how to manage this and that and what to do. I know far too less. I have practiced what I write but I fail a lot. I have come to believe that everybody has atleast one awesome tool in their toolkit. This tool might be obvious to you but many of us mortals are not that blessed with great brain power.
So share your awesome tool or toolkit with us no matter what you do its always welcome.

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