Would you visit SriLanka?

Bad things happen. Nations and people make mistakes. What matters is someone admit their mistake and moves towards rectification. Coming from India it might sound hypocritical when I say 'Would you visit Srilanka?'
Before I start I want to say I have never been to the country and have been making plans to visit it for some time. Also I do not believe in any of the theories except that every body deserves to live peacefully and with dignity. Every country is fighting an inner war of class, equality, race, gender and in worst cases right to live. The reason I say Sri Lanka is because it is a big topic in India and we were planning  to visit the country next year.

The Dilemma

When you read news like this you are scared. The way I understand why single females are scared to visit India. When you have a New Zealand MP being detained you get scared. We have no diplomatic security and apparently that doesn't help either. Unfortunately I cannot confidently say what will my government do if we are detained, though we certainly do not deserve to be, nor do we plan to investigate anything.

When a human right issue plagues your own country you travel to that place to show solidarity and to tell others that it is OK. I would never shy away to visit any area of India (within reason; borders/naxalite areas are not my favorite places to be). I would ask people to come to India no matter what. I know we don't approve of violence, rape or corruption the same way no American approves of mass shootings.

Likewise I believe no Srilankan approves of torture of any kind. What baffles me most is why is there an impasse and no body is ready to talk. Again this is what I make out of news. We had been planning the trip for over a month and now I am not sure.
Many of you have visited war torn countries and others facing survival issues. 
Would you visit a country  where the government is under attack by the international community? 

We might visit SriLanka depending on how the situation is around the time we have planned the trip.

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