So I am Giving Up

Trying to blog on travel and create a space for yourself can be a bit daunting. There are times when I question myself and my motives. I don't travel as much as most of the travel bloggers do. They have more stories to share more travel tips off their sleeve than a 9-6 aspiring traveler like me. I can so justify that my blog never really gets traction. (Though you people have actually got it under 600,000 from 3,000,000 in last month or so.) Do I have thousands of subscribers? No. Would I love some more? Yes. but for some reason I realized in last few days that it was never about that.

When I started the blog it was just to share my travels with people. We had started on this challenge to visit all world heritage sites of India and I just wanted to chronicle it. Since beginning in May the site has changed and I am still struggling to come to peace with what I want to do with it. Surprisingly people have started reading it, though my bounce rate has gone up instead of down. I have no clue how many of you are actually reading the stuff, so I like to assume you read it and then like me were too lazy to comment or click something else and just closed the tab but hey you clicked the url right.

Things have been getting a bit heated (in my mind) and I have finally come to the conclusion that I am giving up a lot of things starting when I can. So I am giving up...

1. Worrying about SEO.

Let me be honest i have a fairly sharp brain but even I can get boggled with all the information. nothing confuses me most when someone tells me that SEO is required for blogging success but I should not be worrying about it. ( I blame google for this ). as it is I suck at producing SEO optimized content and titles. I can barely stick to the topic I started writing on forget about putting in correct Keywords at correct places.

2. Worrying about my site's design

In its very brief on-line life of eight month and my frenzied design attempts I have never been able to rival some of my favorite sites. I now accept that people who do website design for a business are really talented and know coding better than I ever will. So I am going to TRY letting this design run for some time before I change it again.

3. Worrying about eloquent writing.

I am not really bad neither am I among the finest. I actually cringe at my earliest attempts at blog posts, but I have improved a lot (you can not disagree). I have read a lot of blogs and actually came to the conclusion that the ones which are successful are not just because the blogger can rival Shakespeare. It is because that writing is relatable. So if you see ridiculous posts just think of it as me availing my freedom of free speech.

4. Worrying about subscriptions.

I admit it. It is a lot of trouble to type in email address in that small little box on the side bar or below all my posts (get the message!! ). At least I don't force you to sign up (I don't know how to do that). When I actually started to invest in the site and domain my research told me that money is in the email list. so I wanted a big email list and still do. but is that central to my blogging satisfaction. Not really but it can inflate ego for sure. So I am going to stop worrying about why you have not signed up.

5. worrying about earning from my blog

I have a few affiliate program running on my blog. Have I made money a bit yeah exactly a bit which is not enough to meet the minimum payout of the program. You get the picture. I am now ready to accept the fact that I will be working most of my life in a stable 9-6 job and not roam the world as we all want to (and there are people who are doing it. Can I protest against them?) Will i make money? I frankly do not think so. I am therefore giving up any recent plans of retiring from my job and running my family.

So if you have decided to not read my non optimized blog again; I welcome you to sign up on the blog. Then you would get a mail whenever I post. You are then free to delete is as per your wish. Isn't it better than thinking everyday if the site has a new post or not? I kid you not.

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