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So you have been hearing me talking about the book I am writing. No its not the one for NaNoWriMo. It is the one I wanted to publish, I decided to go a completely different route for it. I decided to make it a series on the site. Yes I know it is not a groundbreaking thought and people have been doing it. The important thing is I have decided what I want to do with the book. So every week we will have two series till I finish with what I have to say.
The India Prep-Guide and Travel with Job series.

What is the Travel with Job?

What happens when you grow up?

All the while you wanted to grow up and it doesn't feel that great anymore. Now you are expected to feed yourself and in many case your family too. You are responsible and the responsibility more often than not weighs you down. Want to lighten the burden? Who doesn't. You can see me checking mail at Bharatpur station.
But before we start answer this.

What did you want to do?

Did you want to learn guitar, speak four languages, jump from a cliff or paint beautiful canvases? Maybe you wanted to do something else, but you don't get time to do it. You are in office for 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week and weekends you are grocery shopping. Sounds like our life right, those people who live their dreams never do such mundane things. Actually they do all of this and just a bit more.

If you love to sit in an office spending your days and are happy doing just your job this might not be for you. No you are not wrong you are blessed. If everyone was like you attrition would really go down. Still I would advise you give the book a chance. It might give your life the new dimension you have been craving or maybe expose you to new challenges. You are more than welcome to write me a hate mail if you think I am crazy.

Before I started in an office I had always been rebellious. I still am but a bit toned down and I rarely like to create a scene. My motto if it can be done easily, don't waste your breath. The end result I never really traveled till recently. I assume you read through the about us part so I’ll not stretch it.

Why we don't travel full time?

I would love to travel forever and am sure my parents would get a shock of their lifetime if I ever do that. Why? They have never seen or heard it being done. Their perception of people who don't work is let’s say not really good. Plus I have to admit there are a few responsibilities we have that I would be happy if settled into a comfortable situation.

Till then we are one of you, the person who gets up every morning and rushes to office. We worry about work, timelines and increments. But there are days when we are a bit different than you, we travel.

It might seem a daunting task to visit all world heritage sites in India but we have already been to nineteen of them. We still have two months left all packed with travel. Do you know how many of our paid leaves are we exceeding? Zero. We are not even using all our paid leaves.
Sounds nice right I know but be warned it requires a lot of time to plan your calendar and travel.
This series will equip you with some tools and strategies to travel more within your means. Do not expect to become a travel ninja overnight. Also remember your job is really important, it’s going to pay all the bills.

You are going to run up quite a few bills when travelling. 

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