Women of Khajuraho- Stories in Temple Sculptures

The fairer sex has been celebrated in all civilizations of the past. Indian heritage presents them in all their glory and beauty.
Khajuraho known for its erotic sculptures and suggestive facades relies heavily on various faces of a woman.

The women of Khajuraho take care about how they dress and are seen wearing angavastram and light flimsy drapes. This would make sense to you once you experience hot climate this region experiences.

I am sure these women must be doing heavy lifting because if I have seen a beach body these women had it.

If you thought they care about their clothes and jewellery's you would love to see how much they cared about makeup. There are many sculptures that show them applying kohl to their eyes and looking in the mirror while putting sindoor.

They knew how to pose for the sculptor and would have been models if they lived today.

They knew how to take and give pleasure.

The sculptors recognized woman's power of progeny and destruction.

Which one of these ladies captured your fancy?

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