Why Tourists don't trust Indians?

It has been a few days since we have been back from our trip to Agra. Still I can't shake off the feeling that somebody refused my help because they thought I was trying to fleece them. After a long day visiting taj and spending post checkout time at Agra Fort we were waiting outside the second checkpoint of the fort for the sound and light show which was to start 30 minutes after fort closed for public.
The Rickshaw walla who wouldn't let us walk without asking us to ride the rickshaw

There was this group of non Indian visitors/tourists who was waiting for one of their members. When the guy came out he was limping and looked like he just had a fall. He was walking with support from his friends. We had a pain relief ointment with us and me being me thought maybe we should offer it to them. It would not cure anything but it would have helped relieve pain.
In pain due to blisters on my feet I still got up and walked to them. I asked a lady If we could help them with some ointment for her friend. She dismissed me with a no and I am sure she did not even listen to me. This is the first time I had been ignored and was shocked. Then I realized I had been trying to get rid of people who talk to me on roads past two days in the city. Still a man could not be helped just because she thought I was trying to make money off her.
Well it is equally likely that they really did not need my help, but I can't help feeling otherwise. Worst thing I can't really blame her. I can only blame the people for the image they have created and authorities for not trying to mend it.

Have you ever faced any such thing?

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  1. That doesn't sound fun! I guess after fending off so many people, it just becomes like a reflex to refuse anything anyone offers.

    1. I guess so and like I said I blame locals more than tourists.