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Book Review- This section had me thinking for a while because I had no clue what all books you like. What if you love all things travel ;  I haven't read many which talk travel (Moby Dick qualifies?). I love my classics and maybe that is what you will be reading a lot about.

Luckily I came across Daniel Davidson on Twitter and my problem was solved or so I thought. I did as he had put on his Amazon Page asked his books for a review and he sent them promptly.
Then I had this troubling thought 'what was I to do if I did not like them'. Thankfully I did.

I asked him for these books

1. 101 Money Saving Travel Tips (Travel Free eGuidebooks)
2. Free Festivals Of The U.S.A.
3. 101 New York City Restaurants That Offer Free Food & Drink

The books tell you that the writer has been travelling for sometime and has a passion for all things cheap and free. This is what Daniel says about free travel on his site

"... Traveling free, to me, means that being unencumbered by the constraints of time, money, and the boxes the travel industry wants to put us in, or the lens through which a government wants us to perceive their country. Traveling free means meeting people and talking to them about their life. If you can keep the wallet out of it, I believe, you’ll experience more...and travel farther! ..."

Now for the books

This book was something I had been looking forward to and that book delivered. Daniel has put in a lot of tips and tricks in this eBook. The book starts with points on how to save on flights. These are followed by other travel savings. He then guides you through accommodation, cruises and tours.
Another woe of many travelers is managing currencies and exchange rates. The book gives you handy tips to keep commissions lower and stretching your money. The thing I really liked about the book was that it is concise and well written. Various articles and sources that the author has used are mentioned and almost all tips have a link to take you to another article or post that has discussed it in detail.
The book covers almost all parts of travel right from arranging an accommodation for your pet to saving money by claiming VAT when leaving a country. ( I couldn't believe Hungary has 27% VAT!) This was the section I liked the most in the book.

Final Call:

Liked the book and would recommend anyone thinking about traveling and saving money to read it once. If you are about to start traveling the book will help you not just by its content but with the links Daniel has put into the book. But if you have been a traveler for some time it might not be that helpful still you will find a few tips to help you. Most of the trips will help residents of the US like car rentals and credit cards.

Free Festivals of The USA (Book 2) 

This was a title which drew me towards it. Apart from my cheap, free-things loving tendencies it was something I would never associate with the USA. Its THE capitalist economy of the world (no offense). The book is a guide which lists down festivals according to state so you can easily find the one closest to you.
Festivals details along with the communication address is in there which can be quite useful if you want to join in or are interested in a particular festival.

Final Call:

Liked it and unless you are not interested in free festivals (some even have free food) it will be useful guide for spending some happy nights with locals. I find it really helpful if you were on a road trip (I plan to do that once I actually visit the USA) and felt like some company and peak into cities you are revving past.

101 New York City Restaurants That Offer Free Food & Drink (Book 3) is the one I loved the most. Yes it was because it talked about places which would give you complimentary bar snacks and even some which might serve you a plate of pasta. It is a must have for a budget traveler because as we all know food and drinks ca burn a big hole. Happy hours are great but when you get free food it is awesome.

If I had to choose the best amongst the three it has to be the last one simply because it affects me the most and is the best collection of free food in NYC in a place.

Over all I liked the books and am quite confident that the last one is travelling with me to NYC and helping me lower my cost. When am I travelling to the Big Apple is the question.

If you like the books use the links in the post. This site will get some percent of your buys which will help us travel more.

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