The Post that wasn't meant to be and a REVEAL

Why I travel

I was going to write a completely different post when reading this post from Matt got me thinking about something I had been thinking for a long time. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. As you know we don't really get to travel as much as we want. Yes it is possible for us to do that and we will someday do it maybe!! But I love meeting travelers and have been wanting to take people out on walking tours and serving them food.
Do I want to make a profession out of it I have no clue right now I am happy with my job. But the urge of actually governing my own hours  is a bit too tempting to give up. Right now its just about making travel a bigger part of our lives.
Well I am planning to start it up sometime.
And I just found out I lost one of my posts don't ask me how its just a post that I really loved.

There are a few more updates that I wanted to tell all of you about. I have been working on preparing destination guides. These FirstHand Guides are our experience firsthand. It is not something we have gathered up from somewhere. There are more guides than you can read and still I wanted to write the guides. I will be posting more about these guides very soon. The first destinations coming out are Ajanta-Ellora caves and Aurangabad. Because I love you all so much and because I have no clue how these would turn out I am giving these out for FREE. All you have to do is sign up in the box below you will get a photobook as soon as you sign up and you will be the first to get the guides when I finish them up.I am planning to mail them out to everyone on this site on Diwali.

So you remember I was writing a book. I have finished it up and have kept it on side to gather some dust so that I can actually get to where I want with it. I am starting another book for NaNoWriMo and I have far too many ideas.

My previous post will be coming out soon. It is a series about Girl Issues on the road. I am planning to follow that up with some Men issues on the road that is if they have any. Don't worry I will not be writing it maybe I can get Aj to pen it.

Would you like to give me some suggestions or you men have no real issues.

So in case I can get you to comment answer few of my questions.

Do you really think my walk and food can work?

What is it that you want to read not just on the blog but through my book?

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