Delhi and Kashmir-The trip that changed 5 times

@ Qutub Minar- Delhi had always been a part since our very
first plan
There's a time in your life when you  when you look ahead the path seems to be rewarding beyond what you would have expected. then you look at your past achievements and you see Nada! That is exactly what I feel every time I make travel plans. The destination ahead becomes far more  appealing than the ones I have been to. There are a few which I would someday revisit but what lies before me is always much more inviting.

And then the trip is cancelled!!

Imagine a day traveling through Kashmir valley from Srinagar to Jammu. It sounds heavenly and from the images I have seen while planning the trip reinforce that it is indeed heaven. follow this with another two days stay in each Jammu and Mc Leodganj all ending with a dreamy ride back in mountain railway from simla. A recipe for a week well spent. That is if you ever get it done.
Sneak Peak of Kashmir Valley @ Gulmarg

We had started planning the ten day vacation in August with a trek to Valley of Flowers. Needless to say that us loosing our trip was not even relevant to the calamity and tragedy many faced in last few months.
Then we changed the trip to cover Heritage sites for Gounesco challenge and stay in Mc Leodganj. A day before we were to leave a phone call from college friend had us flying to Kashmir to attend his wedding. Good food and a lot of Kashmiri hospitality later we were set to got to Jammu and do exactly as my heavenly plan above said. Again an unfortunate circumstance caused us and many to change our course.
Food Prep night before the wedding
What we finally did was visit my parents for two days and spent rest of the time with friends in Delhi.

In three words It Can Change!

Have you had any trip you were waiting for but you had to change plans.

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