5 things that will save you from cancelled vacation

The train we were never supposed to be in

Never ever think that the plans you make no matter how detailed or sketchy are fixed. They might change not just because last time work commitments. This is what we learned from past months of planning and re-planning our 10 day trip.

1. Accept the change
When you spend a lot of time planning and then micro-planning (never do this) your trip you can't help the excitement that builds up. You are looking forward to the moment when you can walk away from work and relax. You have imagined the jealous faces of your colleagues a lot many times. And to have all this goodness taken away can be disheartening. Add to this all the costs you have borne both in terms of time and money (our canceled trip/s cost us over 6-7K per person EXTRA!!).
Take a deep breath an go to the next point.

Our Cancelled Train Bookings
2.Try to commit as less as you can
The best way to avoid a total loss is to commit as less as you can during planning and booking. One of my friend had almost booked expensive accommodation and flight tickets in Thailand before she came to know she can not visit the country because of visa issues. She was lucky she had not committed money for anything YET.
Try to book refundable flights unless they are exceptionally costly than non refundable flights. One of my friends who had to cancel his flight 24 hours before he was to fly with us to Kashmir. He was lucky he got more than half his money refunded. Had it been a NR flight he would have had to bear full brunt of the cancellation.
We had to forfeit all money (though quite less) for the accommodation we had booked for one night in Agra. It was a deal and non refundable.

3.Try to cancel as early as you can
Trips can change at the last moment but you should always try to cancel as early as you can. Most bookings return some money if you cancel at least 48 hours earlier. Undoubtedly the business is not going to leave an empty seat or room; in fact they may charge more for last minute bookings. still it is you who would has to pay.
The best way forward is booking early when you get better fares, keeping the bookings refundable and cancelling as early as possible.

Our Trip Planner
4. Have alternate plans ready or just be spontaneous
As a budget traveler you might have to turn away from a place because it is too expensive for you. That makes spontaneity is the best travel companion. It becomes even more important when your trip is canceled and you have approved vacation days. It always helps if you already had a researched option for this trip. If you did not,start thinking about it. Moping at home when you were suppose to be traveling does nothing for your vacation cheer (this is by experience).
If you can not plan anything as exciting as your previous trip go to the nearest and cheapest place you can

Aj climbing Humayun's Tomb steps with our backpack

5. Keep your bags light
All backpackers and seasoned travelers swear by this. When your plans change at the last moment it is really a pain in the rear to empty two backpacks and one suitcase. We had to take out all warm clothes we had kept for our hill vacation and change them with marriage appropriate clothing. We had just one big backpack to worry about and it took under 15 minutes to take out stuff and pack it up again.
One thing that I would like to advise all ladies is leave those high heels back home seriously you will not wear them. My shoes for all my trips are my cheap online purchase who are not even recognized as a brand.
The bag you see has both our stuff plus very heavy suit and saree for the marriage.

Is there any tip you would like to share for when you have to change your plans.

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