Ajay Reddy- The guy who started Gounesco

Ajay Reddy at Hyderabad Duathlon
This is the guy who started it all. Gounesco is his brainchild but that is not all that he does. A runner, entrepreneur and traveler he spent a month hitchhiking in north east India.

How did GoUnesco start?
It started with a tweet I came across - the tweet had a picture of a UNESCO world heritage site ticket at Hampi and asked how many I had been to.
Why did you choose World Heritage sites as the criteria?
Because they were on the picture!
I used to consider myself as fairly well informed about travel in India, but did not feel so great when I discovered that I could not recognize most of the sites in the above mentioned picture. So I decided to travel to all these sites and learn more about them.

You might get this question a lot but what will a person get if they complete Gounesco?
Right now, there are no promised incentives. But hopefully there will be sponsors by the end of this year who will sponsor prizes for the winners.
Have you seen all of the sites?
No, not yet.
Which one of your travels has been the most defining trip of your life?
I like the experiences from all my trips, don't think there is any one trip that defined me.
What Kind of Places attract you?
More than a certain kind of place, I travel for the experiences and look for a story every time I travel.
Why do you travel?
One travel tip you would like to share.
Keep your mind open.
Apart from GoUnesco and travel what else do you do?
I run long distance with Hyderabad Runners, help organize the Hyderabad Marathon every year.
How do you run the show at GoUnesco?
Right now, I am trying to do it all - coding, marketing, etc. But I hope to get some help soon.
What’s new that we are going to see from Gounesco?
All in due time :)

You can join the challenge here and contact Ajay here.

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