I Can't Travel Alone

Us at Badami caves- tired yet happy
Do you travel alone or dream about it? I salute you if you have managed to do it. Have you also managed to do it when you are committed or married to someone you love? Then you deserve accolades for triumphing over the continuous ache of missing that person and I envy you.
For the first time after we got married I had to go away for a business trip. Aj had been for a few earlier and it sucked. I would keep on telling him that he is doing it wrong and he should go around more often. There are indeed quite a few places to see in Malaysia during the weekend. I am here in the same city and except for the malls how many times have I gone out? None.
I know that malls are a big part of urban travel, I might write about them too sometime. My inclination is usually more towards historic and adventure places. I had really big plans of visiting the Thai Buddhist temple which is barely 10 km. Then I wanted to visit Malacca. Aj has already been to Malacca and it being a UNESCO world heritage site its right in my alley. Did I visit? No.
What I realized is that even though we associate travel with a destination it is actually about us. It is about you and your travel companion. Your companion bores you or nags around the entire time? The chances are you might not find the place as exciting as your friend did.
It is as much about you as the person who is sitting next to you on the crowded bus. It is never fun to have a sweaty lady sit next to you. Especially when she suffers form motion sickness. But it is always nice to be able to hold somebody's had when you are strolling on the beach. There are times when I read about solo travelers and I envy them. Female solo travelers are so bad-ass and awesome. Like every mortal out there I wanted to be one of them. To have stories about how you managed a tricky situation and that guy with deep eyes. Happily married, those second set of stories are never going to be a part of my life.
Now I know that even if I want to be traveling alone I still want to have my husband by my side. Plus it definitely makes managing heavy baggage easy.

Is it easy for you to travel or do you miss him/her just like me?

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  1. I did atleast 15,000 Km of my 25,000 Km trip last year alone

  2. I am sure you did... But I simply couldn't felt very lonely maybe its result of travelling with your partner :D