Courtesan Street Hampi

The Courtesan Street
Interesting! Let's have a look. When you see a sign saying 'courtesan street' you automatically turn towards it. There are very few times when you don't mind your husband walking through one of these streets. Also you don't have to worry about the inviting eyes. This happens when the street is over hundreds of years old an abandoned. You let a sigh of relief and just enjoy the calm it brings.

Walking through the pavilion
Spread over half a kilometer this 50 meter wide street leads to the Achyutraya temple. A beautiful temple in its own might the street with its pavilions on both sides present a beautiful picture.
The Pavilion

Though the bazaar next to Krishna temple reminds you of some history movie which brings all things old to life; this one fills you with imagery of your own.
If you walk along the street you will definitely feel that the quiet holds a vibrant street in its belly. Something which maybe miraculously comes to life in nights.
The street is said to have had shops selling all things glittery. There is no mention of the ladies who must have given the street its famous name of sulai bazaar .
Wouldn't it be really nice if we could experience the vibrant street with all its opulence.Well then I might not have been comfortable with Aj walking through it.

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