Travel and Keep your Job too!!

You have a full time job and would like to travel? You have forever wanted to ski the slopes and trek through the deserts. Unfortunately, you need the job to keep a roof above your head while you dream travel. Now your travel is when your team lead decides to send you on training or a team building event come up. Maybe you are lucky to have relatives getting married in remote locations.
Alamparai Beach

Good to know we have company. Both of us work full time and only get two Saturdays off every month; pitiable I know. Still we run this site and have our own experiences to fill in the empty posts. We agree it is quite difficult, and can be irritating to your colleagues as well. We do end up leaving early from office a few days too.

Then there is the bank question. We are actually known for our budget trips and knack to get the best deals. We earned it when we did our nine day honeymoon in Rs.55000/-(1000$) total including all expenses a house boat experience, two countries and three cities.
Here’s our take on how to tackle these.

You think you know all the joints? Have been to wherever it matters? Look again read what people are writing about your city and you’ll find something new. If you are like us who shift from city to city in a few years, look around. People come there as tourist all the time. Take a camera along and click your time away, sample some hidden gems and you will feel better.

Visit again
We all have had those embarrassing family trips. They end with a taxi ride to the tourist sites and a meal in a restaurant serving food same as your home. Hated those? You are not the only one. Take the trip again this time ditch the taxi and walk. Also let the restaurants be,  it’s the street vendor who is going to give you travel satisfaction.

Negotiate your leaves
Believe me it’s worth your time to get a job which gives you good amount of leaves. We get 32 leaves in a year 18 paid annual +7 casual+7 sick. Yes that’s not fair but it definitely helps and keeps the next issue in check.

Keep it cheap
If you have a few leaves up your sleeve you do not have to worry about reduced paycheck next month. But if you don’t there’s a way around. Though it will need a full post or maybe a site to explain the tricks but here are a few pointers.

Stay Cheap.
Find cheap accommodation or maybe something free. These sites may help
Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Tripadvisor. Keep your priorities straight you don’t need a pool when you will be out all day.
We found this ant colony while walking to Matrimandir
Learn to walk
Public transport is cheaper than a hired cab but walking is free. Also you are less likely to miss something that might be of interest.
Completely different Bhelpuri at promenade
Eat local. 
You don’t have to go unhygienic and something alien because it’s cheap (it might be fun). Look for street vendors where locals eat if that’s too difficult to digest eat lunch at expensive places and get you some snacks and ingredients.

Do you really need that souvenier?
Think twice about buying something if its unique go for it but usually a bag full is not needed. Also walking a few lanes away from that attraction will make a big price difference.

This one doesn’t need any explanation, haggle your way around and you will definitely end up richer.
The biggest reason why we had a super cheap airlines deal for our honey moon is because we got our tickets 6-8 months in advance. In India you can book rail tickets 60 days in advance and you might not get any tickets if you wait till day 40. If your dates are not flexible try skyscanner and fly when you get your price.

What is your way of keeping the travel dream alive with your job? Share a tip here

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