Ape attack- what to do?

Monkey at Ellora caves
This is not a everyday occurrence (I hope so). So you don't have to worry if you don't know how to ward off these ancestors of our race. Yes you are right who are they to snatch out things away and then bare their teeth at us. Don't they know how scary they look.
On our recent trip these troublesome creatures descended from trees to scare us and take away our food!! Definitely organic is not a craze in their race or why else they would snatch biscuit and chips.
after facing and successfully surviving the ape attack here's a guide for the travelers who are not ready for them.

Know how to spot them
They are everywhere, and especially in those forest trails and hills we love to trek along. they are there in all the historic cities of India see the proof . So be prepared always, before you realize you might have lost those tasty chips to them.

Don't tempt them
Its just too simple to carry a bag of chips and pass around while walking or visiting a site of interest. Monkeys feel left out so if you want to eat take one piece out not the bag. Do remember they can see the location of the packet in your pocket so be discreet.

They are not cute
No matter what those animal lovers say monkeys are not cute. They can bite, rough you up and leave you poorer. Google for monkey bite and you would know. Be intelligent and don't pass them gifts. You remember what happens when you give sweet to one kid in the class? Remaining children mob you. Be wise and let them be.

Don't be scared
Seriously I should not have to say this to another human. We are the most dangerous specie of all we can kill a whale and monkeys are far too small. Standing frozen might be a good policy when you have a gun on your head, with these miscreants you'll end up loosing quite a bit.

Don't fool around
They know you are not monkey so talking their 'language', 'dancing' like them isn't going to benefit you. You are likely to slip and land on your bum while they make away with the chips. Be wise act like you are supposed to- like a human.
You won't believe how many people actually think this would help.

Attack is the best defense.
No don't throw boulders at them or hurt them just make them feel you will do it. This alone is more than enough to scare them into letting you go unharmed. On the trip a monkey ran away with a basket full of chips from a vendor. The guy ran behind him finally saving all the packets but one.

Don't trust this article.
In case you are in the situation and trying to remember what i wrote above, DON'T. Do what you see best if it means running like mad and screaming at the top of your lungs. just don't get scared and act like a monkey.

Do you have any tips for facing a monkey?

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