16 March 2013 Precision at Jantar Mantar Jaipur

Already on a visit to my home town of Jaipur I thought the time is right to sneak in a visit to Jantar Mantar. I do have to admit that in my 23 years of Jaipur life I had not once been to the amazing monument of precise instruments. As I parked my scooty near the monument I was relieved to see that even though it was Saturday the number of tourists was not overwhelming.

Panoramic view of Jantar Mantar

Aj at Jantar Mantar

Me at Jantar Matar
Virat Samrat Yantra

We bought our Rs 40/- ticket each, which both of us thought was a bit too much. As we entered there was a beautiful sight of mathematical precision and exemplary engineering awaiting. These instrument most of which we could not even understand have been here for around 150-200 years are a beautiful sight to behold, especially for someone who likes neat lines. Extremely humbled we went on to see the marvellous sight of the shadow moving on the virat samrat yantra or the bigger sun dial. The movement of shadow was quite perceivable in a few minutes. It must’ve made reading time fun.
Have you been to one of the observatories or to Jantar Mantar at Jaipur?

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