Longing Travel Update

It's been over 5 years since I updated this site and it amazes me that a few people still manage to find it. In fact 90 people did end up on this site in last month and that to me is amazing. We have been running post to pillar this past half a decade and have rarely had time to share much if at all with anyone.

We have travelled to a few new contries, sampled fares at a lot of new restaurants and flew  a few thousand miles. We have lived in a lot of new hotels cooked in a lot of airbnbs and never really had the time to share all that here.

A few of you might have noticed but if not, let us tell you about our toddler who brings endless sunshine and exercise in our days. We are now a team of three and have racked up quite a few travels since then. From cars to planes, we have sat with a irritated child not ready to comply to the basic requests of the very tired parents. Throguh all of that it has been amazing and humbling. We realize now how stupid we were to think people with kids can travel, nope they are on an adventure every day.

One of the reaosns why I never really got back into blogging was because it felt late. I could never remember in all the pressures of the 'work' to tidy up my shitty pictures and write a few prose and share with the tiny community I had built. But now I have an advantage, nobody has travelled anywhere for fun recently (at least I hope they haven't). There are no more glamorous travel perks on offer and everyone is sharing their dated travel. So here I come with my effort in the mix.

I've missed the solace of writing and sending my jumbled up thoughts into the wide world for others to critique it is now a wonderful walk down the memory lane. A lane which starts with food, that of street variety and what we are all refraining from in these trying times. As we sit in a foreign country nursing our outgoing desires, we miss the piping hot dosas every other day.

Here's to travels of the past.

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