Staycation but Different- Vacation in your Own City

Staycation is all the rage and for a reason, you don't have to worry about bookings, no need to take multiple days off. A night spent in a luxurious hotel in your own city can be equally refreshing as a weekend getaway. We have been saving up and settling down past few months. This means no real travel and to be true lazing around does have some benefits.

To add to that it was thermometer breaking hot last month and like all intelligent people, we have been lying low ourselves. Unexpectedly it is nice to know that we are not going off for another week and that we can finally take care of our home. We were both happy and satisfied being home, but a few weekends ago we decided to do something to get through the no travel haze.

Oh! How I have missed these mountains and the cold
You know we do not stay at those fancy places when we travel, we simply cannot afford it every time we travel. since we were not traveling for sometime we decided to take a break in our own city. It was relaxing and it felt nice to not think about what chores need to be done even though we were in the same city.

We don't own a car and it was out of question to drive out to one the many resorts in the outskirts of Hyderabad with the heat. If you do have a car such resorts can be an awesome destination to unwind for a weekend without long travel times and you can probably get a better bang for your buck with transport costs out of the way. I found it to be a great way to let your hair down and do nothing but relax.
A 4-5 star hotel is just too much money so much so that we have rarely paid for one out of our own pockets. This time though we had quite a few things on our side.

The Sales

It seems like every booking site has a sale going on the hotel we stayed in had a 40% off going on needless to say it brought the prices way down. If you have a few stays or flights coming up you might want to gather up the site loyalty points which you can exchange for money in line with certain conditions.
Our favorite sites for such deals are GoIbibo, Yatra and Make My Trip.

Use your Loyalty Points

We had around 900 loyalty points on GoIbibo and that got us around the same amount off on the booking. Needless to say we were happy to go ahead with the booking. Every time you book with these sites you get a certain amount of loyalty cash/points and sometimes crazy offers like 100% cashback can make you really rich. Even though this sounds awesome there are quite a few restrictions on validity and usage of these site monies.
In case you would like to get richer and you are not already registered, sign up here and get up to 1000/- worth of cash free.

Use the right credit card

I am a really big supporter of using the credit card economy to your own benefit. Our card gives us around Rs. 1.8-4.5 off on every transaction and believe me those points add up so fast we regularly get free flights, stays or buses. This time we did not redeem any of the points since the amount was quite low but we did earn a bit of money for our next trip. It's like getting an additional 4.5% off on every transaction. You can get more information on our card here and ask us for a referral here.

Choose the right booking site

We all know it pays better to use one of the fare aggregators than the individual brand site, these have much more discounts and you are sure to find one coupon or another which would suit you.There are exceptions to this rule (Jet Airways) but more often than not there is a high chance you would benefit by using the right site.

1. Agoda- Cheap prices and if you are traveling to any place in SE Asia or even India it is one of the best option. We booked a perfectly good room walking distance from Taj Mahal for just 350/-. (affiliate link)

2. Another Agoda like site and is a usually a few bucks cheaper than Agoda. We check both of them and then choose the one we like better. Sometimes you land up unbelievable deals like one of our friend who got a 5 star hotel for 40$. (affiliate link)

3. have one of the best ever deal- 1 night free for every 10 nights booked. If you travel and book for business a lot I would be booking on I love them but I end up buying on GoIbibo because it comes out cheaper with the GoCash. (affiliate link)

4. GoIbibo- Most of our bookings, the ones we do for family are through GoIbibo. The reason- they are usually cheaper, we can find coupons and pay using our credit card miles. if you haven't signed up already get on board with the referral offer here.

To add to a relaxing day within our pockets we will get a few jet miles when we write the review on Tripadvisor.

If you have been discouraged by all the heat or you are a bit short of money try taking a weekend off in your own city. It might not give you the satisfaction of roaming around in a new place but it is a break form office-home-office routine for sure.

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