Why we have been missing last month

I know what you are about to say, that I have been missing for over a month. right? Well I have been adapting to all the changes that were happening around me. Let me walk you through what all has been happening.

Moving yet not unpacking

The List which was way longer than I thought
We moved to a new place around end of February, and believe me it took us A LOT of time to get our stuff packed. Everyday when we would come back from work (which had piled up during our 10 day trip) around 7-8 we would dedicate 2-3 hours to planning, laying out stuff, choosing what to throw away and then packing a box a day. By the end of it all we had over around 13-14 boxes and that's not counting our bed since we sold it away. Thank God we had such limited stuff to take care of, or so we thought, it turned out we had accumulated a lot of stuff over past 3+ years since moved to Hyderabad. 

I am pretty sure both of us combined let go of a wardrobe fit for a family. (Can you believe I found 3 skipping ropes, none of which I have used for quite some time!) So that took away all the time and mental energy that either one of us had left. And do you know how much dust there can be, I am sure that half the time all I did was wash my hands and don't even get me started on my hair. So I have a few unfinished posts lying around in my Evernote (I love it and if you sign up we both get some points.) which I cannot finish because I don't feel connected to them any more.

And then we moved around 3 weeks ago and still haven't unpacked because a lot of stuff came up, the first weekend after we moved we had family engagements, next weekends people from work came over, and last weekend was all about getting bearings back on our freelancing and a potential business. We still have a room full of half opened boxes and stuff moves out of the room on as needed basis.

Oh I did not even tell you about the setup and arrangements we had to do when we moved, but they are not done yet and we are traveling this weekend too. we gave ourselves a month to settle down completely and it looks like we'll barely meet the deadline.

Getting foot in too many doors

Well I love to start new things and since you now know how productive February was for me, you might think I am crazy taking up stuff over and above all of that. But then it's me, so I thought let me now help people build their blogs ( AWESOME IDEA) and then I thought I should have a separate site to do it (OK Idea) but I forgot it takes a huge amount of time for me to make my mind up so I kind of spent quite a few days building it over and over (BAD IDEA).
I am still sorting out my mind and the doors I have put my limited feet in, so I'll keep you posted but the more I think about it the more I feel like I don't need another site you people rock and probably would like to know about Business, Blogging and other such things. Bottom line, I am still pretty much confused and if I don't get my shit together I might blow my head off.

No Travelling

That room with Red Suitcase has boxes on every inch of the floor

You hear me complaining, well it's all because of the fact that we have not traveled since the 1st of February and apart form trips to meet family nothing is really planned till August. Both of us have started fidgeting and I am getting progressively cranky. Today morning we were having tea at a roadside shack and all we could think of was we need a trip. When we will be able to travel now largely depends on a few things,
  • how much money we have after we are done paying for things and taxes
  • how much time and leaves we can manage before our trip to Maldives comes in really close
  • and if we manage to get our home settled down.
Actually it's just the first one, but we are really hoping to go out camping for a weekend or so. What do you say, we think it is the best way of getting out of our travel drought. Plus that means that after we have taken the trip you people will know what are the potential camping sites around the city.

Oh, in case you do know of someone (especially in Maldives) who would like to have us over so that we can review them on the site or help them with their publicity let us know.