There is More to Life than Work and Chores

We have all been trained to worship our work; while there is nothing wrong in giving due importance to your work worshiping it is taking it a bit too far. Many will not agree with this especially in a country like mine where we are trained from childhood that there is only one sure shot way of being successful in life and that is by working day and night, and treating your job like your life. I am sure most of us have seen our parents working with his mindset and many of us do too. This post might come across as me deterring people from working and therefore succeeding in life, when I am trying to  lay foundation of a lifestyle which is not just sustainable it is also satisfying and you will end up hating your job a little less.

The first step is to realize that there is a lot more to life than work and chores. There is nothing wrong if your life revolves around your home and office, as long as that is what you want. In most cases we all want a little bit extra and some of us want a lot extra from life. None of us are wrong it is our life and we all have all the right to demand what you want from it as long as you are ready to work for it. It is easy to want to be  a guitarist (ask me) but to actually get to playing and practicing is a tough job. It means that you need to take out time and maybe some money and get to it. It also means that you stop procrastinating. The 'YOU' in these past few lines is me, it has been over 5 months since Aj bought me a guitar and it has been almost the same time since I have picked it up to learn or play. As of now I know more about how NASA works than how to play that guitar. It is still in my things to do but I haven't being doing this.

Meet David Robert Hogg Travelling with his two kids 

It is more than just travel

Longing travel and Travel with job series are much more than travel, yes I believe travel is one of the best ways to claim your life but no one shoe fits all. This is about creating a change and impacting life of others both those close to you and those you barely know. Over past few years I have had people look at us travelling and say you must be earning good, do you have any work load and you must have the best boss in the world. We make decent pay but nothing out of the ordinary, in fact many who have asked that earn way more than us. We also have regular workload with spikes every few weeks, we just manage it better. We have to agree we have a great boss but that is because we rarely spring surprises on him.

So if we are in the same bracket as every one else why we can do it and they can't. Those who look at us and then run around looking for an excuse as to why they can't travel or so something else they want don't want it as bad. If for you life is fine if nothing happens then who am I to tell you otherwise. The saying that we deserve the politicians we have extends to this scenario too, if you have done nothing to change it you deserve the life you have.

Meet Cory Lee who is travelling the world on his wheelchair

How we got here

When I joined my first office in 2009 I had rosy dreams of travelling every weekend and living my life to the extreme. I had the dreams but working to realize them was too much and meant planning, getting around parents and their permissions and simply learning to stand on ,my own two feet. The change came when started travelling for GoUNESCO, on our very first trip to Ajanta-Ellora we came across a British couple who had sold off everything and were now travelling the world. Before them I had never heard anybody doing that and I vividly remember going all polite and treading around their property sell off story. Till March 2013 these things never existed in my immediate universe and by extension in the world.

Meet Lainie a single mom travelling with her son Miro

To my surprise they were happy and I envied their freedom, as we traveled more we felt drawn to traveling and experiencing something new every day. When I started this blog in May 2013 I had nobody reading it, some old colleagues would come across it and they would say it is a great blog. When I think back to my earlier posts they were terrible, ramblings of someone who just wanted to catalog her journey through a challenge. Had I known that simple act of travelling to World Heritage Sites for a day or two will change the way we look at travel and the world around us I would have done it earlier.

When it came together

For us it did not click till we came back from Srinagar with a trip which had been changed more times than any other trip ever. From a trip across northern India it became an unforgettable journey to be a pat of a friends marriage and experience Kashmiri hospitality first hand. We wanted to see all that there was to see, all that we could experience and take everything that he life throws at us in our stride. The decision of the British couple we didn't even exchange names with was making more sense. As we challenged ourselves to sleep in trains every night for a week or going to Sri Lanka without booking any accommodation we learnt more about ourselves than about the place or the journey.
Ajay with a Kehwa pot 

It took us over a year to understand what we wanted from our lives, maybe we still don't know. Our future plans change every few days, one day we are working hard on a project and then we are hard pressed with office work. We know how quickly things can change and how fickle we ourselves are. We all behave like a kid in a candy store more times than we would like to admit. Let me be the first one to tell you it is OK, there is nothing wrong in wanting a lot. The truth is if you do not demand and want how will you work towards realizing it.

Take an action

You would know I am running a series which talks about the How of Traveling with your full time Jobs, I believe it is important that we understand the Why associated with it. For me the important thing is that you understand and accept that there is more to life, whether you want it or not and whether you work for it or not is your choice and I respect it. If the line ' I am supposed to ...' is how you wish to live you life no problem , but if you want to mold it on your terms and get your independence back it is time that you start and we are here to help you through it.

Tell us in comments what you want from your life and we will try to help the best we can.(on a side note we are broke ourselves.)

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