Herança Goesa- Best Place to stay in Diu

205/3 Behind Diu Museum, off the Hospital road 02875-253851 (number from Lonely Planet)

I rarely write reviews more because of my laziness to click pictures when I am staying at any place than for any other reason. This time I managed to pull out the camera while in the room and click some photographs.

Basic Info

Our place of choice in Diu was Herança Goesa. After a draining walk from the Airport the guest house was a blessing for its quick room allocation and friendly owners. The guest house is owned by an Indo-Portugese family living on the ground floor. There are 5 rooms on the first floor and two on the ground. All the First floor rooms have twin beds and double bed is available on the ground floor.


It is perhaps the best location if you intend to see the city and churches. It is around 8 Km form the Nagoa beach but Jalandhar beach and INS Kukri memorial beach are nearby. You are just behind the two famous churches of Diu, the St. Thomas church and St. Paul's Church. It is around 10 minutes walk to the shops and waterfront, pharmacy is nearby and so are a few food options without going to the waterfront.

Room and costs

If there is anything you will hear about the place it will be its cleanliness and people are not lying. The room was far better cleaned compared to some hotels I have stayed at for double the price.
As I previously mentioned the room had twin beds. The beds were comfortable though we did miss covers or a light duvet as the night got a bit cold for us with windows open. A table with two chairs id the only other furniture in the room. Minimal and sufficient furniture does not clutter the room and there was good circulation space in the room. There is no closet which could be locked but the space is good for unpacking your luggage.
Toilet and bath were like the other areas clean and well provided for. There is a small gas heater which get hot water running. If there is any thing I did not like it was the state of plumbing fixtures. Some minor repairs or replacements would greatly help.
Both the room and toilet are well ventilated, some may even say that it was too ventilated. The windows had clear glass and flimsy curtains made it difficult to change inside the room without fearing for your modesty.
Room has a fan which served us well and we were did not desire air conditioning at any point against our experience in Goa. Plug points are there near the bed and the table, definitely where we want them.
There were no towels or toilet paper provided there was a big bar of soap in the toilet.
Check in-out time is 10 am though we requested another 30 minutes and they had no issues with it, maybe because it was off season. Gate closing time is 11:30 pm.
The room cost us 600 per night.


They do breakfast and dinners but kitchen was to be opened from next month so we walked around for food. Due to its proximity to the waterfront food options are always nearby.

Common Areas

There is a terrace (next to our room) with common table and an ashtray. You can also go up to the roof which along with a nice view has pleasant breeze in the night.

Final Call

We loved the place it was quiet, comfortable and never far away from anything but the airport and Nagoa beach. We met a french guy who comes to Diu every year for twenty odd years and has lived here for past seven. Ask for the rooms with the balcony they were occupied when we went. Definitely the place to live in when all you want is good accommodation for reasonable price.

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