Of Tooth Floss and More

Are you thinking what does the headline mean? It is exactly what has been going on in my head past few months that is some random thoughts and a lot of plans. First of let me digress form travel for a bit.
If you have been to a dentist and sat in that chair of horrors you would understand what I am about to rant off. We visited dentist in December yup I rarely if ever need to see dentist and my oral hygiene and teeth are in perfect condition or should I say were. I remember mentioning this in this post. So after the lady gave me a cleaning/scaling which according to her I did not need I now have sensitive teeth. After six+ months of using soft bristles and brushing less than previously I am stuck with sensitive teeth and now I have to make sure I floss and use a mouth wash every day.

Now that you know what has me riled up let us move to another thing that is eating me except for the fact that I have barely updated my blog. We have not had a real trip in over a month Last time we were traveling was in late April when we went diving and since then Nada. Well we did visit my family but I don't really count that as a trip though it was real fun. I can feel I am getting antsy and as a result of a lot of work and irritation over not traveling for a long stretch of time I have finally concluded that Travel is addictive and i might be an addict.

I like to believe that I have *inspired* people to travel more even if they have jobs and specifically if they have a job. In India we are told that school and college are meant for studying and your life awaits you after that. There are very few who actually travel and if there are a few of them who do they are rarely females of our species. So the time you have money (more than what you had in college at least) you are being told you have to work your butt off to make something out of yourself. STOP and think when are you going to actually enjoy your life. With all due respect to the traveling retirees old knees are rarely going to take you up some mountain.
Where am I going with this? Two points which are related to each other closely.
1. Travel now don't put it for later.
2. Travel can be addictive so keep traveling because withdrawal is a b***
Let me elaborate, what is your age right now? If you are over 25 remember your school college days and honestly tell yourself if you can do as many night outs as you could have done back then? Do you crave your bed every night when you were more than satisfied with a corner on the mattress after a late night party? Exactly my point. On our year end trip we slept in train for almost a week and woke up to bumpy jeep safaris, at 27-28 it was fun but I am not sure if i would be inclined to do the same ten years from now with a child in tow. Bottom line travel now, who says you will be walking the earth when you are old.

As I already said we haven't been traveling and my creative energy has suffered many folds. I just don't feel like writing most days and when I do it feels lie a chore after few lines I have a lot of unfinished posts and am trying to finish them off and them polish them some. Another thought that has been plaguing me is how do I want my travel and blogging career to go? 
Anyways what do you have to say about Travel and Dentists!

* Awesome image above by deathtothestockphoto

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