Longing and Perceptions in Travel

This not only affects travel experiences it also results in many missed opportunities and experiences.
Life has been really busy and entertaining, hence my almost complete absence from the blog. Let me tell you what I have been doing past few weeks. I had been traveling and working both in good portions. Suddenly the freelancing world had turned to me smiling and we had more work than we could manage in spare hours. A lot of hours were spent working with the sole aim of completing a major chunk before we left for Goa. And then we were in Goa, beautiful place with great people and awesome food. Goa this time was as relaxing as ever but we were there for more reasons than taking a break we went to get certified. We are now certified scuba divers and it was better than you can imagine. And no we did not see any sharks we did however see a sting ray and it was beautiful. More about scuba later along with my novice tips.

I wanted to talk about perceptions in travel. Many attractions have fallen prey to perceptions and many cultures have adapted themselves to enact the perceptions to keep their tourists happy. Why does it matter and is it all bad? It matters because it forces people to behave differently than they would in normal circumstances it is unfair to them. It is the same when people are surprised to find cosmopolitan cities in India and fail to understand why the snake charmers are absent. It is not just the way tourist perceive a destination, what locals think about tourists also matters a lot and can be detrimental to both communities.

I faced the same dilemma when we were deciding on our trip t SriLanka. Questions were being raised on human rights in the country and the general perception of the country was not the best in India. We thought about it and realized it is unfair to the people in a war torn country to be denied income. I would feel bad if someone would say that they would never visit India because of shameful acts by a few Indians. Our leaders and society needs improve but seclusion is not going to help any one.

We did come across local reservations while on our trip to SriLanka, many were happy to meet the neighbors but a few were apprehensive and relieved that we did not belong to a certain part of India. This not only affects travel experiences it also results in many missed opportunities and experiences.

What do you think?

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