What you should be eating in Jaipur

Last two weeks have been very different from our regular travelling weeks. We went to Jaipur my home town and stayed in almost the entire time. We get to visit my family for limited time and it is always nice to be able to spend time with your family. I wrote no posts and did practically nothing except sleeping, talking and eating. Boy did we eat it was like stumbling from one meal to another. So I decided to do this post today though this should have been the story from the road post but what the heck its my site an I can take liberties if I want.

Jaipur is a paradise for vegetarians we have more pure vegetarian outlets than I have ever seen anywhere. I have a feeling that Gujrat would outdo us but haven't been there so Jaipur takes the crown. This is what I think you should be eating if you are in Jaipur and they are all vegetarian fare.

1. Daal Baati

This is a must have and you have more than enough opportunities to stuff yourself with huge amounts of food and the sweet torture of piled up and ghee drenched food will be with you no matter where you go. It is definitely the way to grow your food baby.
All time favorite for daal bati and accompaniments is Chowki Dhaani. Make it a full night affair and it will be a night to remember.

2. Ghewar

If you are in luck and you visit the city anytime around teej, gangaur or other Rajasthani festivals you are right in time to sample some ghewar which are unique to the city. Even if someone says they have had better ghewar they are lying to you it has to be the rabri ghewar of Jaipur that will steal limelight from any other out there.

3. Tikki

We have many kinds of aloo tikkis being sold around the city. My fondest memories are of the ones which are a part of marriage buffets around the city. This is something that has to be a part of marriage along with s many other stalls we have grown accustomed to. Whether you like tikki with dahi or chole you will never be at loss in Lakshmi Misthan bhandar. My mom used to treat us to tikki in the shop and its legacy has been since their childhood. Though the shop seems to have gone down over time.
Another one I love is a small shop which opens its shutters in the evening at Indira bazaar. Its not the ones near Raiser Plaza. It serves some of the crispiest tikkis you will find.

4. Gupta ji ke Burger

I have no clue who Gupta ji in question is but that's is how the vendor's would quote these burgers to be. Some would call them Dilli ke Mashoor burgers but it makes no difference. These oily morsels are tiny sliders of deep fries bread cut and layered with a small potato patty (its tiny) slice of tomato, onion and paneer with chutneys to add to the flavor. These started out as 5 Rs a piece and last time I had one it was 10 bucks and just as awesome.

5. Papita shake (Papaya Shake)

This invention/recipe changed the fate of a juice shop making it a millionaire (from what I hear). Sweet shake with Papaya, milk and oodles of Icecream loaded with nuts and raisins it is something I never miss when I am in Jaipur. Though many places now sell the shake original outlet is at Gopal Pura by Pass under the flyover.

6. Kachori

Nobody does Kachoris like Rajasthanis and yes I am ready to let the arguments start. If you are in city you would be missing out on a lot of flavor. The city wide mecca for kachoris is Rawat. If you are coming to the city through train or bus it is not that far from you either. Take a small break and sample Kachori both with daal (roasted lentils), pyaz (onion)filling or mawa (sweet milk based).

There is a lot more that the city would love to feed you with and I feel bad omitting ganne ka (sugarcane) juice, Guddu's Icecream or Link road's Golgappe. It might be in one of my next posts soon.

All photos courtesy photopin.com

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  1. Was lucky enough to taste Ghewar in Hyderabad. Its awesome...

  2. You need to taste one in Jaipur. With all the variations that we have they can be a meal in themselves!

  3. The LMB is a legend in its own right, loved the paneer ghewar there. But I feel the kair sangri is a tad overrated all over Jaipur. The food at Chokhi Dhani is wonderful. And the 'love' with which they serve makes it all the more delish!

  4. I am really happy you liked Rajasthani food. Kair sangri is a local specialty so it is really closer to our heart. Where did you have it?

  5. Well, its nicely written but i couldn't stop myself from adding some more things.
    apart from these about the tiiki, just in front lane of LMB you can find Sharma Tikki Wala, Its basically in a very narrow street but i guess they serve much better than LMBs.
    Next i guess you forgot to mention Lassi Wala at MI Road. For the person coming for a trip at Jaipur, it could be a great thing.
    One can also try kachori with aloo ki sabji in pure desi style. These days jaipur is full of Bharatpur kachori wala's at almost every chauraha.
    Last, indori pohe. They are not tasy every where but few are awesome. Perfect for breakfast types.
    Hope you don't mind my add on's.

  6. Hey Pulkit,
    Glad you could add a few.

    I love Bharatpur kachoris I can't even tell you how happy they make me :) we had a huge break fast of these when we went to Bharathpur last year for Gounesco.