Travel, Writing and Hyderabad

Rolls Royce of the Nizam can be seen at Chowmahala Palace

When you go looking for a story you rarely find one. Every thing feels trivial and already written about. Writing stories and sharing is no easy task. It gets difficult when you put it up on internet for eternity.Then there are times in your bored moments when trivial becomes interesting. Had this not happened to me I would not have believed when people said it struck them just like that. I actually thought Newton was a liar seriously an apple!

Why am I being so philosophical? There are a few reasons for that. Firstly its a long train journey and I am bored. Secondly three musketeers doesn't feel exciting. Lastly I just feel like writing.Its the first train journey for our last trip of the year. Not only does it mean that Gounesco is coming to an end but also the future of this site is not as assured as it was.
With the challenge out of equation it is now on our sheer will that we keep on traveling. It is no doubt required for my sanity that I write. There is definitely hope as we already have tickets booked for SriLanka.

I again realized today that I barely know the city we  have been living in for last two years. I have grown to accept its pace which is far slower than Delhi.I now accept that shops open after 10am but an open shutter does not guarantee that the shop is manned. They might be closed so that the shopkeeper can sleep.
Chaat annd dosa next to Char Minar

I am yet to rationalize the watered down ragda chaat of the city. Weather as hot as this demands dahi papdi not ragda chaat. I do have to accept that hyderabadi style of chaat doesn't appeal to me. Still there are pockets in the city which serve delicious golgappa. Admittedly they are near the north Indian population centers.

If chaat is something I miss here I will miss city's dosas when we move out. You have to try these crepes which may be soft or crispy depending on where you buy it. Some of these pack a real spice bomb. Sold as butter chatpata dosa at abids it can leave you wanting more and then some.

Chai is something that most of India can not live without. Though filter coffee is important here the Irani chai reigns as the beverage of choice. For someone used to boiling pans of tea turning black with every boil, process here is exciting. Tea and milk are boiled in separate pans and mixed when you ask for tea. These pots are constantly on fire. Again I have to recommend abids for a well balanced cup of tea.

Books have been written talking about hyderabadi biryani at lengths. They do no justice to the real thing I am told. If you do eat meat go for mutton biryani, if not veg biryani is quite delicious and I love it. Everyone has their favourite for me its shadaab's biryani. Don't be confused by how this restaurant looks from street. Take the stairs and you will be taken back by the number of people waiting for a table. We had to wait for almost 40 minutes for a late lunch on Wednesday. Other awesome places to get your biryani fix are Saarvi, Paradise and Bahar cafe. I am sure people will add their favorites below.

Is this all? No definitely not I am discovering awesome things this city has to offer every day. There are enough things that Hyderabad offers, for me to keep on writing about.

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