Emergency contact numbers in India

You can run into situation everywhere and anywhere. We all have had our stuff stolen or lost, required medical care or just happened to be at the site of an incident. What you need at that time is a contact which can handle emergency the right way.

Why Do I Need These Numbers?

When you are travelling to a foreign land it becomes even more important to be well versed with the emergency contact information for the country. If the country is India you might want to be equipped with the numbers before you land. After you are here it is easy to forget about such mundane things and get lost in the quirks of the country.

What is the response like?

India being a big and majorly rural country it is very difficult to generalize any service. It is actually difficult to generalize any service even in one city. There are areas where you can be assured of prompt response and then there are areas where you might be able to handle the issue on your own before any help arrives. In most metros and Class A cities response is quick and almost guaranteed.

Is there a 911?

Sadly no, India doesn't have a countrywide centralized emergency response system. Many states have started with a single emergency number though the separate numbers for each service still remain operable.The Telecom regulatory authority is still working on a system to create a nationwide easily recognizable emergency contact number. (You can download the research paper here)

In the current scenario you will have to dial relevant number for the emergency and specify your location and other data as required by the operator. This is in-case the state you are in is not covered by the GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute. The institute provides a free of charge centralized emergency service.

The basic numbers


Emergency Service








Emergency Disaster Management applicable to states of states of Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra,Uttarakhand, Goa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, Assam, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
National Emergency number (Use this number for all emergencies and if you see any suspicious activities. this was launched after the November 26 Terror attack in Mumbai.

Special Numbers


Emergency Service


Delhi-Woman in distress


Delhi-Missing children and women


Delhi-Crime against women


Central accident and Trauma services Ambulance service;


Emergency medical services in local area


Heart Related


Ambulance Services


Poison Control Service


specialized hospitals


state of art hospitals and medical institutions e.g. 1060 -AIIMS


Emergency Information services  -  e.g.  1071  is  for Air Accident info 

A complete list of these emergency numbers can be downloaded here. You might in all probabilities not require the numbers beyond the basic ones.

Personal Experience

Thankfully I have not had to call any of these till now but my family had to avail the services of 108 when my grandmother fell sick. Her blood pressure plummeted and the closest nursing home (300m away) did not have facilities required. As my mother-in law got her back home she asked a family friend for help who in turn called 108. An ambulance came within 30 minutes and took her to the nearest hospital.
The ambulance service was prompt given the fact that we live in the outskirts and also 4 years ago when this happened there were barely any people living in the vicinity. The ambulance cones with a helper an driver and is completely free. Since then we have not had to call for help but I have seen a lot of 108 ambulances plying all over the city.

The information is this is correct as on March 2014 as per my research and experience. If you find any contradicting information or anything that you would like to get added please mention it in comments.

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