Travel, Food and the Year ahead

The year changed and I did not put up the new year look ahead. You might think I am a bit behind time. I actually am not. I wanted to know what we plan on doing so that I could share with you. You know how I hat making false promises.

Starting the year with and infection

If you think I talk about the travel bug this year started on a completely different note. I caught an air born infection and have been coughing almost all of January. Take care of those tonsils they can ruin your nights sleep in a really bad way. I had been a zombie and I hate taking leaves when I am sick.
We Are going to Sri Lanka and somewhere else next year
I know I know people keep on travelling full time and visiting countries every few weeks we don't get to do that and I love getting a passport stamp. I have been talking about it for some time. Let me tell you something I am right now in Chennai for our late night flight to Colombo.

The Travel Formula

We have devised sort of a formula. We plan on visiting an international destination and take a lot of trips around our own country. You know our cheap nature and in line with that we have fixed a blanket budget for our trips. If we exceed it in three trips so be it. You will listen to me sulking and sharing the Stories form the road if we don't travel for more than a few months.

The local food drive.

Last year was all about traveling to UNESCO World heritage sites this year is all about the city we live in- Hyderabad. I realized that we have been really unfair to the city which has exposed us to a lot of cuisines and has a lot of beautiful sites to visit. This year is all about awesome Hyderabadi stuff and the near and dear ones. We have been eating our way through the city these past few days and plan on making the site as quick reference for eating in the city.

Work Travel Live is coming out this year

I am working on the book and this Year it Will come out. I am looking for a few of you to help me make it the best resource ever. If you are interested in being a part of the books journey send me a message and I'll send you the first draft to give your opinion on.

The Travel Toolkit

Yup there is another thing in the pipelines. I am developing a toolkit for all of you who ask me how do we manage to travel with our jobs. It will give you the tools to plan and live your trips and claim your life back form the cubicle jungle.

The Home restaurant

I have been dabbling with the idea and plan on doing a few trial runs. If you are interested in sampling some of my home cooked goodness and are going to be in Hyderabad send me a shout out so that I can treat you to some of my cooking.
So while you work we'll takeoff to the tropical paradise of SriLanka. See you soon.

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