Get started with Travel in New Year

OK it is time. You have partied and  the hangover is gone(I hope so.) Its time to put next year into perspective and lay groundwork for the things you want to achieve. Many have asked me how we manage travel. This is the best time to get you working on your travel goals.

With today's post we will deal with the time issue of travel. I have written a lot about managing job along with your travels. These steps though for travel can be applied to anything you want to do. Do look into the articles below the post if you want to further read into the topic.

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Behind every achieved goal are two things will and planning. No matter how much time and resources you have you will never step out of your home is you do not have the will to travel. Likewise no amount of wishing and resolve will get you where planning will. Here's a part of the toolkit to get you started.

Every year we sit down with our office calendar and decide when and where to travel. As people have been asking we are putting below one of the ways to get started on your travels this year.

Mark Commitments on the calendar

Grab a calendar and mark your holidays on it.
Now mark your family commitments that you know of like family reunion, weddings. Finally mark your own birthdays and anniversaries.
If you don't have a calendar you can download a few here or get the free Google calendar print here.

Make Holiday Clusters

Club you holidays with weekends and these events especially if the wedding is in another city.

You should now have pockets of 3-5 day leaves without actually spending much or any of your leaves. If you have not been travelling much in recent times or are starting your travels 3-5 days are the right travel time.

These small breaks get you into travel habit and teach you the basics of travel before you start travelling for more than a week or two.

Decide on where to Travel

Another thing to do is to travel within your country. Unless you live in a city state you will have some city you are still to visit in your country. Those places are your aim this year.

By now you should have a list of places to visit and the dates you will be visiting them. You have just completed half of the travel process.

If you want to read further on how to manage your job try  these.

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