Downtime of a Traveler

This post is by Ajay. He is my husband and half of our travel team. He rarely writes but you have seen a lot of his photographs.

You had a fantastic trip and are back home with lots of energy and memories. You'll spend the next week sharing pics on social network and experiences with colleagues & family. Another week, and your transition from travel to work is almost done. Your highly adventurous or relaxing trip is now only a part of your memories which will be archived in your sub-conscious. What next???
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Does it feel interesting again to shuttle your life between office and home? NO. Even if you try to deceive yourself with a YES.No matter how interesting your job is, travel bug will never let you rest. It will pop up every now and then.
When you surf your friends' pictures of a trip,  see someone leaving for a trip, or recall some sweet memories of your last trip; in seconds you feel stuck. Life is not that fun anymore. I call it downtime of a traveler.
Its not as bad as you feel. It is similar to the downtime you have in your office. The difference is that you feel happy with reduced workload but downtime for a traveler is never fun. It may lead to feeling low at times and can affect your performance at work (don't take these symptoms seriously). Worse is you will have work piled up  when you are back from the blissful week long vacation.
Back to the same question. How to keep the traveler inside you active when you are not in action out there? See the larger picture. It was not the last trip of your life. So don't be that sad.

All of us after our Last safari at Kaziranga

1. Chalk out your upcoming trips

Plan out all your annual trips as soon as you get your leave calendar. A lot of research is required for your future trips. Don't wait till the end or you will miss out on good deals.
 Keep searching and book your tickets. With rail bookings opening up 60 days in advance and air tickets being exponentially cheaper 60-90 days before travel, you have a lot of job to do. Book hotels, read about the people/place you are going to visit. For example, tickets for our next trip in Feb to Sri Lanka were already booked before we left for The Year end Trip in December. Currently we are focusing on accommodation in Lanka and also sketching our next trip in April.

2. Write reviews

You might have left feedback with the hotel. Don't make that an excuse for not reviewing them online. There are many sites where you can post your first hand experiences and help other travelers. You use the same source when you do your research, so why not let the community benefit from your experience. And its not always social service. Almost all the review sites have promotions associated with the reviews you post. Who knows when you may get a free flight or a complementary night stay at luxury hotel. I was lucky to get 11000 JP miles for writing 7 reviews on Tripadvisor, which means a free flight (well almost) from Chennai to Hyderabad for both of us for our Lanka trip.

Taj is always a keeper

3.Organize your trip albums

It may not sound as a good idea to all of you, but its very important to collect and organize all the pics of your trips (from your camera, mobile, friends' camera, etc). Pics from your old trips refresh you in the downtime and bring back many sweet memories. Sorting pics will help if you like to print postcards or albums to be used as a souvenir or greeting. Everyone might not be interested in documenting their travel, if nothing it will help reclaim some space in you hard-disk. In our case Parul proactively organizes the pics and I am spared from the boring job.

What do you do during your downtime???
Share your ideas. Waiting for your comments.........

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