Why my Imaginary Friend will never Travel?

Travel Excuses
Travel is very individual and a necessity. Many never realize it is the way to achieve realization of self and surroundings. When you travel, you see more than the regulars on your own street. Most of us have a sensory overload as soon as we set foot on strange lands. The rush which comes from facing unknown is what most travelers relish in. Almost everybody wants to travel the world but most will never travel.

There are many reasons for not travelling. Many of those are actually genuine like taking care of elderly or dependents which might not allow you to venture in the world.  Then there are those who are fighting for survival and travel will never be the first thing on their mind, their next meal is. What do you have to say for yourself if you are not one of the above or actually have a reason. No matter what you say work is never a valid reason.It might have been a decade ago when cloud was non existent and internet wasn't as omnipresent as it is  today.

This year we  have had ,many asking us how we travel and we in all honesty tell them.And most of them said we'll live our dreams through you. Seriously? You think we are different? Both of us also have work and responsibilities plus we have some side gigs going on. Would I ever say I can't travel or I don't have time to travel? Nope.

So I decided the best way to understand why people can not travel is to interview my imaginary married friend with a kid. She is in her early thirties and has no notable illnesses. She earns well at her medium stress job and would be considered well off in her city.I am still thinking a name for her. Feel free to suggest one.

Her reasons why she can not travel are listed below. Reason 1 doesn't apply to her. It is included to remind people who fall in this category, you are not doing anything wrong.

1. Genuine reasons. 

See the second paragraph of the post.

2. The I have no time reason.

I have no time to travel because I have no time for myself. After my work and chores I am busy watching TV and lounging on the couch. Do you know how much energy it takes to actually plan a trip or think about it? I am feeling tired even talking to you between these soaps. You see I have No Time. (I understand!!)

3.The I have no energy left reason.

You know travel requires a lot of planning. You keep on harping about planning all the time. Where do you think I'll get the energy and time (see my reasons above) to plan let alone travel. Please this conversation is draining my energy. (Even I can feel my energy drain)

4.The I have no money reason.

You know how much less time and energy I have left after my obviously busy life. So I need to hire someone to plan stuff for me. You know how much these people charge? I paid once for my honeymoon and had to save for a year to replenish my funds. I have no money to spare like that. I'd rather buy  a flat screen TV. (I do understand a stupid box is really worth it!)

5. The I have kids reasons

See I can even stay in a three star resort (?) but I can't do that to my kid. What do you mean by home stays or cheaper accommodations? I can't take my child there. Also I can't travel everywhere with a kid. Do you know how many costs are involved (include reason 4 in the excuse). Now you understand why I can't travel. It's the kid not me. (Yeah right that is why these people travel with their families)

After this I wasn't interested in continuing my thought interview with myself.

Have you heard any other reason why people CANNOT travel?
What are your reasons for not travelling? If anyone has managed to get over these please help the readers and my imaginary friend with your methods.

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  1. I have written a whole series of articles on the excuses people make to stop themselves from following their dreams of RTW travel and how to overcome them here ... http://bemusedbackpacker.com/2013/05/09/excuse-buster-series-part-1-why-people-make-excuses/ Everything from I have no time, no money, it's dangerous, I have kids/a partner, whatever. They are all just EXCUSES! Anyone can travel around the world if they wish, they just have to want it enough and stop making excuses!

    1. I knbow what you mean. I used to be one of those then I got my expectations down and accept that it was just me holding myself back.