Who Manages the Kids?

Traveling with kids is something that catches my eye once in a while. As I struggle to keep me and my belongings safe people manage their kids alongside. This is not something that I can talk about from first hand experience.
I feel awe for people especially women who manage to rock at both their jobs and parenting. Admit it men -you can't multitask.
Increasingly fathers have started playing a major role but do they pause travel or take it slow for kids?
I remember the family I met while travelling from Delhi to Jaipur in rajdhani. The mom knew her toddler in and out and dad had no clue. I still remember her saying' you treat her(toddler) like a toy she's not a play thing.'
Over the years as I matured and especially this year, I have been amused by how almost nothing has changed. I have seen a few men worrying about changing the kids but they are too few(mostly at airports).
 I have a few questions-is a child mother's responsibility while travelling? Is there an age after which dads take over if they ever do? How does it work for same sex couples especially men?

Travelling families can you answer a few of these for me.

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