Prehistoric caves paintings of Bhimbetika

We set out for this trip across 4 cities covering 7 World heritage sites in September. Don't look at me like this I know I should have written long ago. But you read last time why I am late.
Most of these sites are quite well known and were a part of our coursework in college. The one which wasn't and excited me the most is the caves of Bhimbetika. These caves are a site of prehistoric settlement and will definitely take you back in time.
Most of the world heritage sites in MP are well developed and look like they are being taken care of. This one in particular is some 40 Km from Bhopal and if you think its easy to get to the site think again. We took a bus to Obaidullahgunj which was quite quick and got us there in under an hour. Then we waited, waited some more and finally hitched a paid ride on a school auto which cost us 10 bucks each.

Highway View from our ride after ObaidullahGunj

Where the auto dropped us

It said Bhimbetika and we thought we are there. It was a mistake. The road to Bhimbetika is actually a hike to the hill top. Yes the hill you see rising before you. Carry a lot of water and if someone offers a lift take it. Swallow your pride don't think about the 100/- he is charging just take it. Yes we did not. 
Th path in itself is really confusing, you want every hairpin turn to be the last but it isn't unless you see a desolate hut. All of this is after you have already bought the ticket and expect the caves to be a few steps ahead.

I am telling you they lie. Though I have no way to prove it. It was MORE than 3.2Km
For a change the no littering rule is strictly followed and the place benefits from it. I am not really capable to define the caves so I'll let the photographs speak.
If you are interested in history of the rock shelters read here.

They climbed up there to sketch stuff. Dedicated people.

Can you make out the scorpio

Cupolas... I was told about their use but I forgot!! Sorry

A lot of information is on display. The best part is it actually makes sense.

This last photograph is a reminder that stupid people are everywhere Never scribble or think of doing it on anything let alone a 30,000 year old things.

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