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Things have been very busy past few days as I started to get serious about some freelance work. So there has not been much of travel but a lot of job. I decided that it was time we talk about supplementing our incomes to support our thirst for travel.

When you want to travel all your life working rarely is the thing that comes to your mind. But does that mean you do not have to work? Even Anthony Bourdain has been working its just that we would give a limb to be doing what he does.

Most of us have a day job which keeps us all busy. There is not much time left in the day after office, trip planning and chores. That does not mean that you cannot supplement your income with odd jobs. I am lucky that I don't have as many chores as many of you do. Still a nine hour six days a week job is quite time consuming.

With dreams of becoming my own boss I have been looking into freelancing for some time. I have to admit I've had no jobs until last week, that resulted in me get a bit more busy than usual. I earned a considerable amount which will cover my share of Sundarbans tour at the end of the month. Here are a few ways and sites which can get you started with your freelancing work and help you earn more.

1. Fiverr and the likes

If you are like me which means you don't put in money to sell your services this is probably the place you'd want to be. On Fiverr you can put up your services as gigs. I had put up a few gigs related to travel three months ago and got no order. I changed my gigs to architecture related jobs and I have had 10 orders in last 5 days.
There are a few points which you would like to remember while working on Fiverr.

1. It is not a steady income.
2. Gigs start at 5$ so unless you have 1000 orders a month you will probably not be making money in thousands.
3. Contradicting my above point you can actually charge more for the gigs after you reach a level.
4. Buyer and seller review (see image below) each other which ads to your credibility and makes you get more orders.
5. The worst part is Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings so effectively you make only 4$.

There are many sites similar to Fiverr choose the one you want to work on. Basically younger the site more opportunities you will have to grow with it; if it does.

With our year end trip coming I am already thinking what I would do with my gig and how will it affect my sales. So if you are someone who goes off grid often you might not want to get into this. We all know that there are days when you simply don't open your laptop or connect to the free WiFi.

Money is also relative to where you are I could fund my Sundarban trip but were you in Rome it might just get you into a few monuments and museums. If you are in cheaper countries where a dollar goes a long way this is a good choice

2. Etsy, Big Cartel and the likes

Etsy, Big cartel and others are a big market and you can really make money through online sale. These market places come  with their own pros and cons. Web is overflowing with reviews for each. I have a shop in both  but sell only from BigCartel as Etsy charges money for listings and takes commissions on your sales. You know I hold my money close.

This is the way I would want to increase my design aspirations and earn more money. If I take out the products where I have to customize these work simply as a store which has your product on display people buy it and you get money. But to get a steady traffic you need a lot of connections. 

If I could only manage that I would be a lot more richer and spend it on my travels.

3. Elance, PPH and freelancer sites

These sites are a world of their own and not the world I am actually fond of. While in Fiverr the buyers look through what you are offering here you bid for a job. Its a bit too time consuming but it is a great option for anyone who can code. Coders are required a lot and if you can develop an app you are definitely in demand.
Like every other business service you pay commissions on your earnings and also have to 'upgrade' if you want to increase the number of bids you can put in.
The same problem as with sites like the first, these require you to be hands on. Additionally you might get orders on Fiverr or big cartel but to get these assignments you have to spend time actually bidding for the orders pitching your skills and stuff.

Which one should you choose?

It is quite personal but I am particularly partial to Big Cartel. I can't boast exemplary sales but this model of selling things doesn't require you to be as hands on as the other options. I deal in digital files and printable so at max I just have to customize the design with names or some text. I can actually go away on a holiday and be back without affecting sales which is not the case with other options.

And yes if you like the holiday card above I am giving it away for five dollars. To avail the giveaway subscribe to the blog. I will send you the link along with the Guide to Ajanta Ellora or you can get the card here.

Links seen here are from my own shops and no body has paid me to write the post (unfortunately true). So if you actually place an order I make money (Yay!!!)

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  1. Thanks for these resources..now daring myself to start using them

  2. Hey Manasi
    Start small wait and then expand. It has worked for me this time. Us backpacking people are always trying to get more money on the road.