Why I Travel !!

I have been asked why you travel, most of the times I have never been able to answer it. How do you explain to people that it is something that gives meaning to most of the things in your life? As I grew up travel was never a big part of our lives, actually we never traveled.
With highly demanding job of my dad, and the fact that most of our relatives live in the same city; there was never a need to travel. And if you don’t need to travel you rarely do at-least in my family. When we were growing up our parents always said that you can travel as much you want when you get out of home and have your own job. That is exactly what happened I went of my first trip to white water rafting with friends three months after shifting to Delhi for my new job.
But with job pressure and school, it became difficult and then soon there was no travel and a lot of parties.
And then Aj & I got married school finished and I got my first and only passport stamp. Malaysia was beautiful and Penang was the perfect backdrop for our honeymoon followed by the backwaters of Kerala. We did travel but life has a way of catching up and rarely wants you to enjoy.
Two years on we are now travelling again for the Gounesco challenge and the mandate of visiting all world heritage sites in India has given us the taste of travel again and this time we plan to make it a big part of our life.
Travel (though a few trips) have given me a sense of confidence which makes me believe it’ll fall in place and what could go bad? A lot can, but then that’s life.
Travel just teaches you to … live.

Why do you travel?

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