What to expect from Travel with Job?

moneyI’ll let you in on a secret. Travel can actually help you save a lot of money. I am a budget traveler myself and have a perfect husband who doesn't mind much. As long as you want, you can travel cheap and actually end up spending less than you usually do. That requires discipline and some basic habit building then it’s a cake walk to your dream destination with a few extra bucks in your pocket.

I once told my sister that she should go to the other city where she had a job instead of working in the city we grew up. Though that’s what she ended up doing she was not really excited when I voiced my opinion. Don’t take any offence you can close the tab and go on but it would be nice and courteous to read through.
This series is just a helping medium to initiate you into discovering more with your life. Please be patient and open minded.

The amount you spent on a movie ticket might be enough to feed two. We usually have breakfast for less than Rs50 (0.85$) while traveling. Once you travel our way you’ll be thinking twice about spending money.
Before we move ahead and get to the real thing lets clear up a few things. There are a few things that we will deal with in these posts and quite a few that we will steer clear of.

You wouldn't see this carving in a tree trunk unless you travel to Hampi.

These are what we will be talking about

1. Making time for your travels
I hate to say we can do it so can you. Let’s just say it can be done. If you want to travel or do anything else for the matter apart from toiling in an office, it can be done.

2. Travelling without breaking your bank
If we were flying in first class or living in those luxurious heritage hotels peppered all over India we would definitely never pay back our home loan or feed our family. We are doing it cheap and you can do so too. If you have money to cover all that, we would love to join in as your guests.

3. Increasing your savings while travelling more
Since we decided that travel is going to play a bigger role in our lives we now look at things differently. I rarely feel like buying those high heels. They are not practical when you have to walk around visiting caves. I now have more money at my disposal and I happen to spend some of it on my travels.

What these posts will not do for you.

1. Tell you how to miraculously pay bills without having a job.
If I knew that I would be travelling my heart out and having Chianti somewhere in Italy. I am not; I am sneaking in a few minutes at work to write this. In my defense it’s an unusual light day at office.

2. Tell you which flight to take or where to stay.
This is not a guidebook, if we have been to a destination we have stayed in just one place so I cannot tell you about the others. You are more than welcome to ask me where we stayed. In case you don’t know there are companies which produce guidebooks and sites which have first hand reviews on them. We do have FirstHand Guides you get the free guide to Ajanta Ellora when you sign up.

3. Tell you how to manage your family.
They can be irritating, embarrassing and loud but you love them to bits, so workout yourself how you would like to manage your family and travel time. Every family works differently and have different needs, and diplomacy is one thing I am not designed for. Still you have to manage to get them on your side.

4. Tell you how to become a travel blogger/writer
Yes it’s glamorous, I would know. We run a site in case you didn't notice which focuses on our travels. It’s a tough job and I feel I currently need advice on how to get people to sign up on your blog.
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