Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera Why I am loving it- A Review

I love  clicking photographs people may call it photography but I never did. That is till we recently bought a new camera. A DSLR at that.
Nikon D5100

We purchased Nikon D5100 with 18-55 lens kit and as the title says I am loving it.

Nikon D5100
Now I am not a tech or camera whiz and can only tell you about the features that me as a beginner can use and have used to enhance my photographs. If it sounds pro let me tell you that I work on Auto Focus mode and am still light years away from setting my own focus, aperture or any of the white balance menus.

If you are like me don't hesitate to buy this camera. (Yes I did put my affiliate link here.)

The camera comes with quite efficient Auto focus and its 18-55mm lens has Vibration Reduction inbuilt so a double win for newbies like us.

Another plus of the camera is its articulated LCD screen which lets me compose a scene the way I want.

Also it reduces the need to crouch the way I had to do to click photographs with my smart phone or point and shoot. Both of them work well but not as good as our new camera.
Nikon D5100

Another feature that excited me was the special effects that the camera boasts of. With effects such as selective color and Color sketch I thought my photographs will turn out to look more professional (?) without the post processing. And it did not disappoint.

The description says that it can recognize 35 faces at one time, I can't vouch for that but the focus is too good. Most of the portraits we took came out to be crisp and the images you see here haven't gone through any processing.

Macro has to be my favourite mode. I love zooming in to plants details and such.

Makes me feel more of a photographer than I really am. Below is a click at Khajuraho one of my earliest.

A tip from me: when you can't seem to focus on far away things with AF rotate the lens towards  55mm (higher value) it might just help.

One thing I would like to tell Nikon: When you enclose a user manual at least PDF should be colored or all your effects look like black and white to me.

We are further planning to buy
1. A tripod- Many of our pics are a bit tilted and very few are blurred.
2. A 55-200 lens- this is simply because I don't have money for 55-300 lens and 70-300 still sounds expensive
3. Cleaning Kit-because you need it and it did not come with our camera.
4. Some filters- Just for fun.

Maybe as we graduate to more serious photography we might buy a few more things.

Final tip buy from a reputed seller.

Ever since I read this post about a duplicate cannon flash I have been on strict lookout. These babies cost a lot of money and you wouldn't want to find out they are fake!!

See how prominent Aj looks in this photograph I love how the background is blurred.

Nikon D5100 Potrait

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