3 Reasons to Rent an Apartment and 3 Reasons Not to

You need accomodation when you travel unless you plan on spending nights in trains the way we do. When booking one the question that comes up is 'What to book?' I could be either a hotel room, and apartment or a hostel dorm. Earlier there were only two options that i looked at- hotels and hostels. Apartments opened up as an option on our recent trips and now I am looking around on Airbnb for all my trips planned or imaginary.

3 Reasons Why you should

1. Value for money and flexible

Our apartment at Pondicherry (only have this one pic)
When we were turned away from a hotel in Pondicherry we finally landed at a apartment. It cost us way less (1800 per day) than what two rooms would  have amounted to (at least 1200 a day). Along with that the apartments are rally scalable. We had a local friend come over and there were no permissions or signing involved. He walked in and out of the doors without being questioned.
When booking for longer stays the rents tend to come down A LOT. You can compare the local rents and hotel/hostel room rates in your home towns. No you will not get rents as low as locals do but it won't put a dent in your pocket.

2. Can accommodate everybody

My Apartment Building in Malaysia (business Trip)
It is a pain when you have to get up at 1 in the night to walk to your room at the other end of the corridor. When you rent an apartment its usually the next door or you can easily passout in the common area. In the trip mentioned we were three people and another friend joined in. Not only we had a common area to sit and talk nonsense we were never two steps from our rooms.
Our friend got a sweet bed for himself in the common area as we retired to our own beds.

3. You can cook

My Cooked Dinner with limited food and equipments
Mostly people don't have a problem eating locally available food. I have my restriction as a Lacto-vegetarian and with our budget limits it turned out to be a blessing that the apartment had a equipped functional kitchen. We had our lazy breakfast the only problem being that someone had to cook. This can help you in expensive places like Europe where you can easily save dinner money by carrying pre made snacks with you.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't

1. Cleaning

Cluttered counter top at Malaysia Apartment
We can not afford a serviced apartment. If we could we would have called them villas or cottages or suites belonging to some fancy hotel. No we don't do that and the guy who rents it to us cleans it up before we get in. After that is a matter of paying a help or doing it yourself. Usually it is the second option or the third simple living in slightly dusty conditions.
I loved the apartment I was living in Kota Damansara but it was a pain to clean it in the weekend. not to say they had provided vacuum for tiled floor, so it was never clean!

2. No room Service

The thing that keeps me walking 3 Km or more with my backpack is the assurance of room service when i get back to the room. When you rent an apartment its no longer room service where someone even lays the table for you. When in an apartment you can order but its just not the same.

3. Limited interaction

If you are accustomed to stay in a hostel or interacting with people in the common areas you will miss the buzz. Plus it just doesn't sound right when you ask someone to come to your apartment.

So what is your verdict would you book and apartment or a hotel/hostel room?

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